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Toe infection/rash - what is this (don't know where else to post this)?

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Hi all,

Sorry for putting this in 'men's health', I'm just not sure where else this should go as I don't have a clue what it is.

I've had this redness on my middle toe, on my left foot, for about a week now. It's just above the toenail, on top of my toe. In the evening, it gets itchy, and it's so bad at times I'm have to scratch it on the carpet (which prob isn't helping).

As you can see from the image, the red area is blotchy, looks like it's under the skin.

The red area is also tender, very sensitive and almost numb. Feels really odd. Now it looks as if it's spread to the toe next to it, and there's now a small lump on that toe.

Anybody seen this before? I have an appointment with my GP for tomorrow. I've also had loads of other health problems since last year and have ME, amongst other things.

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Hard to see on here, may not be an infection at all, those little bumps looks like pomphollox which are associated with eczema

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DaveT81 in reply to Galen70

Yeah, perhaps it could be. Doesn't feel like an infection, and it hasn't really 'progressed' in the same way an infection does.

I’d get it checked, could be a herpetic whitlow of the toe as it looks like a cold sore to me.

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DaveT81 in reply to BBPete

Well that doesn't sound too nice at all!

It’s probably a fungal infection like the start of athletes foot. Try an anti-fungal cream for a week and see if that helps. Check it out on line.

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DaveT81 in reply to Gwm94941

Well the pharmacist and my GP didn't seem to know what it was.

Pharmacist (who I saw the day before my GP) just gave me Daktarin to try, and the doctor agreed to just try that for a week and see.

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Galen70 in reply to DaveT81

I don't believe this is either herpetic whitlow ( which is rare, and usually the fingers ) or tinea pedis ( athletes foot ) which is usually in between the toes. If it persists after the topical daktarin - try hydrocortisone 1% ( ointment not cream if possible due to the location ) twice daily for 3-4 weeks.

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