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This is Embarrasing, but plz don’t mock me

I had my circumcision 2 weeks ago, I’ve healed a lot, but, I think my penis has gotten shorter in length, we live in a society that says your not a man if your dick is not big,

Is there any way I can “grow”? My doctor said that I’m completely healthy, but I’m worried that when I have my first sexual encounter, my wife will be disappointed

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There is no way it could have got shorter. Only the foreskin was removed. Sometimes the flaccid/ erect effects may make it appear different for a while


After circumcision, my penis look bigger and thicker then pre circumcision..


Yeah I totally agree with you.


agree with you


A similar thing happened to me. Before I was circumcised I considered myself a "shower" meaning my flaccid state looks bigger. 90% of the time I had a semi erection going on making my penis bigger but not harder.

After being circumcised my penis like to tuck himself in when flaccid and only have minimal amount of blood flowing on the inside. When I say tucked in, imagine a turtle hiding in his shell. Personally I don't mind this, in fact i think it is better since it is more comfortable.

I have mixed feeling when my girlfriend tells me it looks cute because it looks like a button.

Here are my statistics both times I measured to the head of penis not where skin ends.


Flaccid 3in Erect 6.25in


Flaccid 1in Erect 6.5in

After I was circumcised It appeared I gained some length but I didn't. I had a short frenulum which was pulling down on my glans. Which was 50% of the reason I got circumcised.


I think you remove frenulum as well.. it will help you a lot when erecting time


Dude, I got circumcised three weeks ago amd also felt the same way but honestly its actually thicker and bigger then before.. With my foreskin on it made it look longer and slimmer.

My lady was with me this whole time and was rather excited about it. Its still healing fully though so it will take Time for you to see its proper results.


It's probably just healing up


It's an illusion. But more to the point, women don't generally care about penis size. It's more about what you do with it than what size it is. In fact, the women I've known will be much more attracted to you if you pay attention to them, and treat them well. Learn how to be a good kisser. Learn what kinds of sexual play women want. Hint: Be patient and gentle! Cheers! - Jeremy,


Well said, Jeremy. I could not have put it better myself. I was going to reply along the same lines as you. But there's no point in doing that now!



You are fine


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