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Is this normal, should I be worried?

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Hi there,

It's been nearly 2 weeks since the operation, on Monday it will be anyway. I'm a bit concerned about the state of the penis, from my point og view it doesn't look that good.

Doctors have said the operation went well, and the week review he remarked how good it was looking, I've refered to this site for a bit more guidance as some of you might be going through the same.

First week consisted of putting cream over the stitches and this week was just pouring hydrogen peroxide, sleeping with pants to hold the cloth and pyjamas.

Q: When can I start to masturbate or have a bath?

Should I change anything??

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If it has been 2 weeks after circumcision you can have a bath or a shower. But you can start masturbating 6 weeks at least after the operation. And btw your 'friend' looks just fine :)

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Thanks man, appreciate the help

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Looks good mate. The finished result will look nothing like that in couple of months time.

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It looks fine just dont forget to use betadine solution pour over it for 1-2 weeks not to get infected after you pour it on there leave it there until it dries and other than that use 3 times a day salt solution on it. Dont be lazy if you dont do these things youre gonna regret it and youre gonna need more time to heal salt is gonna help you betadine is gonna protect you and after 1 month maybe you can start using strataderm/ contratubex or any scar healing ointments for the scarline and it will be fine

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Thanks, will do

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Mate it looks fine except for the dried bits. But chances are it's because you have not been bathing it. You can shower 3 days after the surgery. Just don't scrub just let the water run over it. Wear loose clothing to prevent to much friction on the stitches. I asked to have mine removed after 2 weeks and felt so much relief. It's hard but keep your hands off for 6 weeks. Otherwise looks like it's going to be esthetically good, can take up to 6 months for the scaring to completly blend in.

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I've been told to not bathe until all the stitches fall off, is this true?

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I've always been told to shower and bath a few days later.keeps it clean and the water is soothing. After 2 weeks the stitches have no purpose anymore. What country are you in

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UK why?

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Was just curious because the way they cut it looks very similar to mine and know different countries do it different. My best advise is bath it and put some anti septic cream on it and keep it loosely bandaged to prevent irritation. I recon it's gonna heal up really well.

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Thanks will do

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Peroxide slows healing but at least yours isn't swollen like mine is still on week 3

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Swelling went away first week

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Looks very neat.

Was it for medical or personal reasons?

Medical, had a really tight fimosis

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Looks a lot better than some jobs I've seen on here.

Just bide your time you'll know when you are ready to masturbate, or you'll have a wet dream

Don't worry your penis looking good, take a look at some of the other photos on here and you'll see what I mean.

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