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Bibliography for slow (simil-tantric) sex

Hi all.

I advice all men (and all women) to read these interesting books. Let us say they are not really esoteric teaching of tantric sex, but they are very useful to ameliorate the sex life of most men (and women). Try what you want and you will see what is suitable for each of you.

The heart of tantric sex, by Diana Richardson, OBooks

Tantra La via dell'estasi sessuale, by Elmar and Michaela Zadra, Oscar Mondadori

Maybe you can find an English translation, I haven't. It is however very interesting

The Tao of Love and Sex, by Jolan Chang

I suggest also the site SESSOSUBLIME edited by Jacopo Fo, Nobel Prize Dario Fo's son. It is in italian, but rich of images and with portions translated into English

I wish you a good reading. Remember you are gentlemen, and you have to respect and satisfy your woman. Avoid "masturbating in/with her vagina"! Sometimes it can become like the divine amplex between Siva and Parvati (see Hindu religion). Homosexual people can also read the books: even if they are oriented to a straight public, many things are valid for homosexual relationship as well.

I've liked and practised with satisfaction in particular soft penetration and some tecniques to delay ejaculation. But other men told me that they managed to experience prostatic orgasms, and that it is something very different from the usual penile orgasm, but very deep indeed. I never tried. But I believe these man (homo- and hetero-sexual people)


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Very informative Nick.


Interesting. Thanks.


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