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Sex accident/Erection problem

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Hi. I am new here, and writing this post in hopes that someone can help me with my problem. I am 18 years old. I have a girlfriend and obviously we have regular sex, sometimes multiple times a day, and I've never ever had any issues, I could easily get an erection (even when I didnt want it) and keeping it for a long time wasn't a problem. That was until 2 days ago we tried a new position (I was laying face up, she was on top of me, face up too) and it was fine until one of the "strokes" where I missed her vagina and hit the side of it. It hurt for a second and I felt like a "lightning" feeling going through my penis, but we continued and I didn't make anything of it. But now, two days later, I find myself unable to get an erection. I feel no pain or anything whatsoever and my penis doesn't look any different, maybe just a little bit smaller when flaccid. Im unable to get a full 100% erection, something that was very easy for me before, and instead it gets to 70% maybe maximum and that's when I can get it hard at all. When I hold it, it feels very different, almost as if it has a different shape. It also feels very limp and empty, even when hard. If I let it go for 2 seconds it will instantly become flaccid before my very eyes. I used to be able to get an erection whenever I wanted just by thinking about it two days ago, and now I find myself struggling to even get a semi.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am quite scared about this,

Thank you.

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If you didn't lose your erection it seems unlikely you have had a penile fracture, but that would be the main concern.

Checkout the symptoms and if you feel appropriate it would mean a trip to hospital a&e

However it could all be psychological

See because the other day your erected penis had a trauma due to hitting outside , could be there is a nerve injury , even if it is not an injury, psychologically in your mind you are afraid of doing sex , so unable to get an erection . Basically you lost interest because of that hit and trauma, I feel temporarily . Usually over the time it will be all right . Give some days rest . Spend time with your girl friend without sex . By her company you will be out of trauma . Spend more time for foreplay . At this age nothing is expected to happen . If it doesn't come back you have consult a doctor who may perhaps give you a vitamin and at most mild aphrodisiac ( which I think is remote ). Relax will be able to .

I agree with Goldfish. It could be all psychological, but go for a check to a consultant. Nicola

Sounds more like you may have damaged / bruised the blood retaining vessels that keeps and gets you hard. If it were me, I would abstain from sex and masturbation for 3-4 days and see how things look then. If no better then maybe a word with the GP.

probably just briused I'm sure you'll get a kiss better,carries on you would be wise going to see your doctor if I Male then he might get jealous ,female, probably you will be embarrassed.

Best of luck, l.ol.

ps if your GF is in need then ill give you a referral,on a serious note try get to your GP or if you can find an A and E, if theres one open lol

That lightning might have been due to some injury on the nerves and the memory still remains. Take some neural vitamin and give some days rest. It will be erected. Increase foreplay

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