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Foreskin in sex life?

Hello, to start with, i never had sex and i was wondering about one thing. I do not have this thing phimosa or something like that( when your foreskin wont pull back that you can barely see your penis head), actualy i can pull it almost all the way i can say but i never went that far to pull it all the way. Thing i wanna know here, does and how foreskin can be a problem in sex life if not pulled back. I hope you all understand what i ment.

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hundreds of posts about this on this website.

Yes it may be a problem, but often settles with gentle stretching in the bath. Using hydrocortisone cream may help. If not resolving by the time you reach your late teens you may want to see a doctor to consider surgery

How old are you?


i am 18, but the main thing id like to know, since i never had a sex lol, can i use my thing well even if it foreskin cant be pulled all the way back.


Of course and it may well help the stretching


No problem


Generally not pulling back should not be a problem. I was well into my twenties before my foreskin pulled back 'naturally', and that was having sex with my future Wife, without a condom. Prior to that I would just pull the condom over the whole Penis, no problem whatsoever. It has to be said though, that first time was a bit of a worry as it had to be persuaded back into position !


I know this sounds weird but when I used to have this problem I went to the doctors about it and after many steroid creams they told me to go to a pharmacy and pick up something called ky jelly which is pretty much lube, yeh yeh ik it sounds weird but it actually works it helps pull back your forskin easily and if it gets stuck u can easily pull it back up with it. Just a suggestion



You've had 6 replies but I'm surprised that no one has explained that your healthy retractable foreskin is actually nature's gift for a very successful sex life! Why?

Because in the act of sexual intercourse the foreskin is designed to retract upon each forward thrust within a vagina, and slide back over the glans (head) with each outward movement. This repeated action stimulates the female's clitoris and gives her the ability to climax when she's ready to do so. And in an ideal scenario, the male is able to control his own climax (ejaculation) to coincide with hers.

So now, together with the other six replies, you can understand why and how a foreskin can be a real problem in sex life if a man suffers from phimosis. I can testify to this. The topical steroids now available are of limited benefit it seems. After my doctor examined me, she immediately referred me to a urologist for circumcision.



i see now, thank you for your explanation.!


The foreskin is part of the normal penis. It has an important role in sex.




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