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Testicle/Epididymus lump


Around a year ago I noticed a lump at the top of my left testicle, in the epididymus. I was feeling it tonight and felt a small more protruding lump, kind of like those little silver balls you put on cakes. I'm unsure if it's the one I felt before or if it's a new lump. It moves around and when I hold it or touch it a lot then I get an ache which feels like my groin is radiating with pain down to my testicle. I'm really worried it's going to be something bad. I've got a cyst on my right epididymus, but that doesn't move or hurt and is not as protruding as the left lump. Should I just monitor it and see if it gets bigger or should I be going to the doctor as soon as I can? I've had ultrasounds before on both testicles, but the doctor never put gel on the top of the testicle, only the sides.

Edit- I can't tell if it's inside the epididymus or attached to the testicle. It sort of feels like it might be in the top of the epididymus but i'm just not sure. All this stresses me out and makes me insanely depressed.

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Go see your doctor immediately. better safe than sorry

I'm fairly sure it's in the epididymus. Can it still be attached to the testicle whilst in the epididymus?

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Well the epididymis is attached to the testicle. Most likely this is a cyst, but go and see your GP.

An ultrasound would have visualise your testes and epididymis in its entirety and excluded cancer.

I have a similar lump and feels like the vains are joined together and when i saw a doctor he told me it was a cyst but was no cancer. When i was young i was kicked in the testicles and what my question is would this lump effect my erection.

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