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Lump On My Left Glans Penis


i noticed a hard lump on my glans penis on the left, the last time i masturbated was 24 hours before it showed. i have no pain nor anything from it

should i be worried? im embarrassed of telling my doctor so i did urine analyze and i have virus UT.

i'm uncircumcised with tight foreskin "phimosis" so i can't see it. i didn't have sex for 5 months so no STDs. and threes no pain nor sensitivity

i still get the morning erections and at night just fine

few weeks before the "lump" when i ever im in bed with erection and sleep on my left side and my penis touches anything after while i will get discomfort then i would change my sleeping position it doesn't happen all the time but its where the lump is.

1 week and the lump still there. don't have any insurance and i have to wait for like 3 weeks in order to have enough money to get it checked out

i'm 23 yo

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A lump on the glans definitely needs a doctor examination unless it resolves completely

Not sure what you mean by a virus ut.


its really small but noticeable , "urinary tract infection" caused by a virus im quoting the doctor here. so im on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

someone told me its caused by either the UTI or " harsh" masturbation. and it should go within 3 months

what make the situation worse is i can't really see it cuz of tight foreskin "phimosis"

everything is fine, i get night erections with no pain. but i haven't masturbated since the "lump" appeared .

circumcision cost a shit load of money for me at the moment, and i don't wanna go to lozy doctor to do it cuz if anything happened i would probably regret it for the rest of my life .

so i'm just trying to get as much information online :(. there's no pain at all


So you have seen a doctor already then? This doesn't make sense. Uti is not caused by a virus and antibiotics will not clear a virus.

How small is small?

The common lumps are pearly papules at the bas of the glans. They are only about 1mm diameter

Tight foreskin may settle with betamethasone cream twice daily for 2 weeks and stretching the foreskin gently.


i been to the doctor before the lump appeared, so i didn't get to show him it. well i did a urine analyze first and they said its UTI. so they gave me antibiotics for a week which didn't clear it. so i did urine culture and the doctor words were " its a common virus" i know i should asked him for the type or info. so according to urine culture he put me on antibiotics that will work . its like 2mm but its noticeable since the right glans and left glans shape are different that's how i noticed it .

i really have tight foreskin which doesn't show anything at all. so you think the cream will work?


Yes it's worth trying the cream but you will need to see your doctor to ask for a prescription. You can also show him the lump when you visit.


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