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slight bumps in testicle veins?

I was worried about a varicocele. The veins above my testicles on both sides feel pretty much the same, but on the left there's one cord that just feels like it has a bit of bumps inside. Is this a varicocele? You can not see any lumps from just looking at my scrotum. And when you feel both veins on both side they feel very very similar. Just on the left the vein feels like it has a bit of bumps in as if it's more swollen. Maybe I might be over-thinking it, but I'm really worried about having a varicocele. About a year ago I had an ultrasound on both testicles as I had cysts in my epididymus. They did not mention anything like a varicocele which might have come up on an ultrasound.

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It sounds possible but it's no big deal and even if you have, yours sounds very minor. Veins have valves and that is what you may be feeling.

But go and see your doc if worried


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