should my testicles be vertical?

I saw something called bell clappers syndrome where the tesicles are horizontal. When I come out of a hot shower my testicles are not perfectly upright and they look more horizontal. Not completely horizontal, but similar. When just normal they are a little bit more upront about halfway between upright and horizontal. I've had two ultrasounds on my testicles for cysts, would they pick up on something like bell clappers syndrome?

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  • DoNT all men have 1 goodie higher that the other, normally but worried go to your GP.

  • I'm not on about how high they are, but whether the testicle itself is horizontal/vertical.

  • Sorry I couldn't help, maybe go to your gp.

  • Likely it would have been commented on with your ultrasound scan.

  • The ultrasounds would show that but I guess it depends on what they were looking for. Bell clappers often comes with scrotal pain - have you experienced this? If so , in the first instance a physical examination by your GP should be able to provide a diagnosis, or at least lead to another ultrasound to specifically look for the syndrome or some other possible cause such as epididymitis.

  • I had a physical exam from my GP but he said he couldn't really feel anything so just sent me for an Ultrasound, those results came back clear. I don't really feel any scrotal pain, just a bit of tenderness on the left side sometimes.

  • I'm not a medical professional but from what you say there doesn't seem anything to worry about.

  • i just get worried because from diagrams on google it looks similar to mine, especially after a hot shower. I always get anxious that doctors and ultrasounds won't pick up on stuff like that. I don't want fertility issues.

  • Ok I understand. If bell clappers is your principal concern why don't you ask that specific question of your GP and if he/she can't help ask for referral to a urologist for a definitive diagnosis?

  • I should have, i just hope something would've come up in the ultrasounds if they noticed anything bad/different. I hate going back to the GP. I originally went for a checkup because of a cyst.

  • You may have to in order to get peace of mind. I have a feeling though that you are probably worrying unnecessarily. All the best.


    Maybe this site could be of help. I had never heard about this syndrome


  • Well I don't have any pains whatsoever and the veins around the spermatic cord are fine. But for some reason my testicles just hang low and more horizontal than vertical.

  • Dear Anolekie

    I think a good andrologist can sort out your problems and your worries. Nick

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