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NHS blood tests


I recently saw my GP and needed a blood test. I was told it would be 2 weeks to wait to see a nurse to draw blood and was sent to the local hospital instead.

I was really surprised that such an apparently simple procedure would involve taking around 3 hours out from work to have done. (I dread what might happen to my job if this was something I'd need often in future)

I wanted to ask if my experience is 'normal'?

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The NHS is under strain. The procedure is usually a 5 minute job, but appointments are filled quickly and larger queues developing, extras being squeezed in and thus more delays.

In the uk most surgeries will have a 5 minute slot for a blood test which can be booked , but hospitals just have a sit and wait which can sometimes be hours. It will vary, but I think you can be sure that everyone tries their best. A word with the reception staff may help you sort out the best times to choose - first appointment of the day ideally, but that is popular.


thank you for insight ( and yes, it was apparent that everyone in the NHS was and is doing their best)


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