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Blood Glucose Levels


New here so hello :)

About 2 weeks ago my Dad has a bit of a health scare and was hospitalised for about 5 Days. He's diabetic and it turned out he was not self medicating correctly as his Nurse changed the Insulin pen and he was not getting the right amount of insulin.

I know I'm a prime candidate in becoming diabetic but dad made a comment on my weight so it got me thinking, Now I'm not the type of person just to say "I'm off to the GP" as our services are stretched so I thought I'd do some basic checks on my self.

I bought some scales and weighed myself and I'm 121kg so yes I'm obese so time to do something about that. Anyway also purchased a GlucoRx Nexus Blood Sugar monitor here are my last 4 readings.:

28th Jan 2018 14: 18 Random Test - Result:8mmol

28th Jan 2018 18: 33 2 Hours after eating- Result:6.7mmol

29th Jan 2018 07: 58 2 Fasting Test- Result:6mmol

29th Jan 2018 14:38 2 hrs after eating- Result:8.5mmol

Are the 8mmol and 8.5mmol cause for concern? Find it strange they are at those levels at roughly the same time. Should I keep doing the Blood Glucose tests for another fews days or should I just book a GP appointment.



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The 8 and 8.5 results are a little high.

This could mean you are either diabetic or pre diabetic.

I'm in the same boat as you regarding weight and I'm 37 years old.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around 6 years ago and have been on tablets since to control my glucose levels.

I've lost 4 stones in weight over the last year and a half which is dramatically improved my glucose levels and meant that I could come off some of my medication.

If I were you I would make an appointment with your GP who will send you for a basic blood test to check your hba1c.

The hba1c gives a better indication of your glucose levels and works out an average over the past eight to ten weeks.

I've gotten with my weight all my life but that aside diabetes does run in my family.

Feel free to chat with me using the private message feature on here if you care to chat further.



Thanks Daz.

At 18:22 I done random test and it’s now 5.9. At 20:30 I will do another one.

But I will see about making an appointment our GP only offer appointments on the same day so bit hard what with work.

Today for lunch I swapped 2 door stop sandwich’s to 2 wraps which to my surprise was quite filling, just need to keep with it.




Any food high in carbs will spike your glucose levels.

Losing weight isn't easy by any means. I was 24 stone but now down to 20 so still a long way to go.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks again Daz. 2.5hrs after eating and another test resulted in 6.3mmol

Going to ring GP tomorrow for an asthma review appointment so will try and get an appointment for a blood test.

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You should get a physical exam and talk to the doctor about your numbers. Diabetes is something to take very seriously. Get that weigh under control too.


Hi Darren,

The normal ranges for your blood glucose are around 5 and 7. So 8 and 8.5 are not a huge concern.

The levels are expected to rise after eating. So monitor it throughout the day for around a week or so. After this if you are still concerned with large spikes in blood sugar then make a GP appointment.

Best of luck on the weight loss though mate it’s a long journey but I’m sure you’ll do it. Just remeber do plenty of research and don’t just randomly follow any diet. Do your research first.


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