Usage of STALYON(Sildenafil(50mg)), GetGo(Tadalafil(10 mg)) and GIYSPOT tablets to cure ED/PE

Hello everyone,

I request attention to provide your valuable advise on my query below.

My age is 28 and i experience ED/PE issue(Note: PE is not concluded by any doctor) and consulted sexology doctor to cure this condition. He advised few diagnosis and found low testosterone value, BMI= 30, increased cholesterol level, Normal BP, also informed me about less penis blood circulation, rest test values are in normal range.

Hence he prescribed STALYON-1 Night, GetGO-1/3 afternoon, GIYSPOT-1 Morning for 30days initially.

I experienced side effects like head ache, dizziness, eye blurred by using Tadalafil 20mg once and head ache by using Sildenafil 100mg multiple times. Despite informed this to doctor he prescribed above medication.

So i request experts to give your suggestion to use these medicines as prescribed by doctor in order to cure my condition.

Your suggestions are highly appreciable.

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  • are you married?

  • Yes...

  • Are you married?

  • Hello Experts,

    Any response please? I believe this community would give everyone a satisfied response.


  • Hi All/Admin,

    I was hopeful that this site will give me best suggestion about my concerns, appreciate your quick response on this regard.


  • Doctor advised to take Stalyon tab -1 in morning and Getgo 10mg after lunch in noon, don't have any side effects.

  • Any reply pls?

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