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My cure for persistent Balanitis and/or Thrush. Stubborn penis rash that won't go away.

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I found a cure for myself.

Afetr suffering with this for 2 months and trying suggestions here, which failed for me, I went to a private doctor, this is the 2 things I did:

1) Applied Iodine by Betadine 60ml but any Iodine solution will do. It's a brown liquid and you mix it with around 50ml or so cold to warm water (not hot), until the solution looks like the consistency or a strong English Breakfast tea (of course without milk). Place the penis head into this solution for 5 minutes. Do this twice a day.

2) Secondly, a prescription to antibiotic Doxycycline at 100mg x 28 capsules. I took one twice a day for 2 weeks.

This worked for me! Although, due to getting this remedy in parts, I did only the Iodine part for the first 2 weeks on its own. This cleared the skin up but I kept the uncomfortable swelling feeling in the penis shaft and testicles.

When eventually getting the Doxycycline it soothed the swelling feeling too.

If others try this remedy please write your experiences here too so we can see if this is a global cure (cure for all) for this very strange disorder or not.

Prior to this I also tried Canesten HC, which always worked in the past for this condition which I believe is Thrush and/or Balanitis. Balanitis being the product of Thrush.

Really hope this helps others out there! Please post your results if you decide to try this.

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Hi Pete. I hope you are still active because I struggling with the same. I was prescripted the same antibiotic as you by a private doctor, but it is only soothing the sweeling in the testicles. The pain and the redness in the glans are still there, so I guess I should start with Betadine. When did it start to get better for you? Ive been dealing with this for 5 months and I’m afraid that my penis will never be as it was. It is so depressing

Hi, I have balanitis for over 3 years now. First used various creams Elidel and ointments they only work for short period of times. Had a biopsy in Oct 2018 and just had a circumcision 3 weeks ago. The biopsy didn't show anything surprisingly but the urologist suggested to have circumcision. The glans still have a red spot on the top of the penis and some pain. Did any one try this method is it really work? I seen 6 different dermatologist/urologist no one prescribed any antibiotics apart from creams which don't really work or only for a short period of time.

For me the antibiotics didn’t work. Plus, I’ve had horrible testicular pain and back pain (where the kidneys are). Right now I don’t have any special pain. Only the red glans and the pain in the glans. Its frustating but I just assumed that my penis will be like this and I reject to apply more useless creams because they are making it worse, I think. It is so depressing that we have to deal with this and nobody can provide a solution for us

There must be a solution. Don't stress yourself over it will work out. I am going to also see a specialist abroad in near future. If I found a solution let you know.

Hi, I have the same issue going on 1.5 years now, many doctors/ specialists/ creams.. I am going to try this remedy next so will keep you posted if it has any effect 👍🏻

Be careful. I was also prescripted Doxycicline by my doctor because I had some testicular pain and my hand was sunburnt. It makes you really sensitive to sun or light. Plus, it didn’t work for me. This seems like a nighmare which I cannot wake up from. It is so frustrating that the solution is so difficult to find

I agree, its super shit.. what are your symptoms? Do you have a picture?

After I pee my condition feels inflamed for about an hour, but it’s always there to some extent.. along with a hard to see deep skin rash which most doctors pass off as nothing..

I had a sexual oral relationship without protection. Then I had diarrhea for 2 weeks, the longest of my life. Afterwards, My glans was totally pink and suddenly I had it covered by a dark red rash... One month later, I had horrible testicular pain for 5 months which made me wish to be dead everyday. I had never felt such a horrible pain. Now the testicle pain is mostly gone but I have low back pain and in the front on the sides (where the kidneys are). This makes me believe that the bacteria or whatever this is, has moved from the glans to the testicles and now to the kidneys. Its so frustrating but I gave up on doctors because they act like the ones you visited, telling me the redness in the glass is nothing and that I am basically crazy. I was so frustrated that I ended up believing them and going to therapy, without any substantial changes to the situation. I think that when they dont know what you have they just tell you “its your mind”. It has been the most horrible time of my life, Im just 23 and Im alone in a city which is not my hometown, far away from my family and its been really depressing. I also have a really bad knee pain without explanation and I am consulting a rheumatologist because it all started at the same time mostly after that sexual encounter. She told me there are many bugs you can catch during sex that are not usually checked in std tests, and cause reactive arthritis (an autoimmune disease) And I am sorry for the long text but I feel the only one who can provide me understanding is a stranger with the same problem (or at least part of it). Right now, I am at work. I will try to post a picture later

I have 3 more doctors apointments this week with different specialists and am also trying the betonnine and a new antibiotic.. I will continue until I find the problem.. When a doctor can not find anything wrong, or tells me ‘Im making it up’ I just move on to the next doctor.. We can beat this, just need to unlock the right door.. send me a picture so I can compare condition, I have a post with a picture on this site..

Hi Spartacus. What you have feels exactly like what I have. My penis was completely pink. But now it is like in your picture, slightly red and painful in the glans. However, I had more complications. The thing is that I even got many swabs taken from the glans and it always comes up negative. Its frustating. Did you have anal intercourse? Because I am homosexual and it all started for me when i had oral intercourse intermittent between penis and dick. So my final guess is that I got infected with faecal bacteria. Because I am negative for all the typical stds so i cannot find another explanation. I also have two appointments this week but mostly because of the back pain. It feels like my kidneys are throbbing and its quite painful so I don’t mention the glans dicoloration anymore. I give you a lot of strenght and support, I know exactly how hard it is being told everything is OK when you know its not that way. And hopefully you don’t get more complications like I did

I think that when people get balanitis the whole glans gets very very red. What we have does not seem like balanitis for doctors, it seems like irritation. And it may be irritation, I don’t know. Did u have any simptoms before this? Like diarrhea or something like that

No other symptoms.. Not homosexual.. Have you got a picture?

If it was faceal infection antibiotics should treat it.. Have you been tested for HSV?

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Hi mate I had the same issue as all of you guys.. I tried doxycycline and tried other creams etc etc it wouldn’t go away... I had phimosis aswell, so I got circumcised last June.. they sent my foreskin off to the lab after my surgery and I had penile neoplasia, which sounds a lot like what you guys have, I’d get yourself to a urologist, circumcision was my only suggestion and it’s cured mine completely I’m so happy that I got it done or it could of got out of control tbh... just think one small surgery can make a lot of difference

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23yearsold in reply to Chris3108

I am already circumcised...

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Chris3108 in reply to 23yearsold

And you get it ? When did you get circumsised ? Send me pic of what you have mate

Send me a pic... I want to see the similarities.. any progress?

How can I send a picture?

Create a new post.. how you getting on?

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