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Small painless bumps/rough head penis for years,21 virgin i just want to know what is this? Pictures


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Hello guys, imI 21 and virgin i have so many bumps all over my penis head for years , and while erection they gone and my galans feel smooth , what this should be ?And i was rough with my penis before , always washing it with sopas and stuff , no moisturizing for years , i regterit now ,i have went to a doctor because of something else and i asked him about this he said it isn't serious withoutgiving me medicine or advice , but i really hate it it's painless and everything is ok i just want to remove it , it's been 2 week now i have started using coconut oil for moisturizing and leave it for hours ,

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I use it at night , morning , for hours , actually i don't see any improvement , i have heard that toothpaste might help i don't know what to di actually ,

Maybe try castor oil? I heard that helps with spots like this, although I have no idea what this is.

I'm gonna use toothpaste for some days , then i will give a castor oil a shot ,,

But toothpaste will do the opposite of moisturiser, it will dry it out even more, that’s why people put toothpaste on spots to dry them out. And won’t it be super uncomfortable to put toothpaste on the glans, that must kill.

But Many people saying that toothpaste can remove penis head bumps ,, so it's better ti use castor oil , i was thinking about to use toothpaste only for some days b,, then i will use my coconut oil for moisturize it

No toothpaste! You can burn your penis and scar it!

Go see a dermatologist they have special creams that can help smooth it out.

Yeah I used it tonight and i regret it , it made it red

These look something like pearly penile papules (PPP), but they usually occur at the corona, not over the whole glans penis.

Rawezh96 in reply to Bucky85

I'm virgin I'm sure it's not serious , but mine is different like it's all bumpy , thie sides is slightly better ,

If they are PPP, then it is treatable. I think a laser is used to remove the bumps.

Rawezh96 in reply to Bucky85

Yeah I'm sure laser can treat it , i will do it someday ، i don't think there is anything else beside the laser

The head looks like my own except the top edge maybe bumps are slightly larger. I never thought I had a problem with that though. Never been mention by any partners. I’m 46. Your first partner won’t say a goddamn thing unless they watch too much porn. Nearly all other guys have smoother glans than I come to think of it. Hmm.

Rawezh96 in reply to THX1138

Actually I'm still a virgin , and I'm gonna marry my love next year 😁 and while erection it's smooth so there won't be a problem during sex ,

THX1138 in reply to Rawezh96

You’ve got a great life ahead of you. Wish you the best!

Rawezh96 in reply to THX1138


No I'm not from uk , yeah so i will leave it like this , thanks

It’s normal.

toothpaste can be used to treat premature ejaculation glans?, But I'd go see a doctor about those could be nothing to worry about, but just for peace of mind

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