Low testosterone ??

Has anyone on here suffered from low testosterone , I'm unbelievably irritable, can't focus fly of the handle, my test reading was 1.3 instead of 8.5-- 11 , I'm having a wee test, head scan and liver scan, life's unbearable like this, I've bin on opiod meds for two years now and previously used testosterone in bodybuilding for a long time, my testicles have shrunk but have never been the biggest on the block. Can't sleep even after 40 mg of Valium to try to get by till my appointment at the endo next week. Thanks in advance of anyone been through this hell, I'm also under the first response team( sept) for suicidal thoughts. Current meds escitralopram - 50 mg morphine day.

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  • Take Andriol Testicop  40 for three weeks

  • It sounds like you may need something besides testosterone. Having said that. It gave me my sex drive back for sure.


  • That's what I'm thinking of trying to get, or the gel, waiting for second blood test results now and pee test as well. Thanks for responding .👌🏻

  • Yeah I'm currently on clomid and arimidex but had to go private as nhs deemed my levels normal ...6 months on do I feel any benefit not really I feel less stressed that's about it I've found a very helpful forum which is androids.org /forum I think if it is not I will post the link ..

    It's a nasty condition and has taken over my life ..

    Good luck in getting sorted

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