If only I had been given the TRUE facts on vasectomy problems I need not have had over thirty years of pain. After my snip, which I was told was "nothing much" I have never been able to sit in comfort, yet when I went back to the clinic they reckoned I was the only patient who had complained and that anyway they could not do anything for me. Yet the nhs only now admit one in ten vasectomies end up with long term pain. Why has it taken thirty years to at least warn patients of the VERY high risks of vasectomies. Giving men a false sense of anything going wrong has just not been fair.

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  • Yes, that is unfortunate to not be fully informed about procedures and options that can have long term side effects.

    Here are some tips for chronic scrotum pain

    Cayenne pepper 90,000 HU for pain and circulation

    Echinacea for healthy hormones and glands

    Vitamin C and E for healthy tissues

    Pulsatilla extract for swelling

    Black cumin oil is an anti inflammatory

    Cranberry juice relieves inflammation

    Yoga to reduce muscle tension