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Im 32 and my Banjo cord hasn't snapped yet

I'm 32 years old and my banjo cord hasn't snapped yet is that normal, also its very tite is there anything I can do to make it snap.

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That's normal! It's not supposed to snap! In fact it can be quite bad if it does snap in terms of blood loss. Does your foreskin retract over the glans? If so there's no problem.

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Do you mean your frenulum, which connects your foreskin to the ventral face of your glans? Is that the banjo cord? I did not know. quite a nice name to give it! I'm Italian!

As the other guy told you, it is completely normal. It is not supposed to snap. It can be snapped by a trauma, but it is not physiological.

Anyway, check if your forskin can be pulled back your glans. If it cannot, you may have phimosis. In some men the "banjo cord" is too short. When you are erected, does your glans tilt a little bit downwards? If so, your banjo cord may be too short. A good andrologist can help you find a solution. Sometimes a little surgical cut is needed if you frenulum is really too short. Usually, a short frenulum is al least a little painful or discomfortable during sex acitivity. Sometimes during sex activity it snaps and it bloods. Has it ever occurred to you?

I'm Nick. Feel free to contact me again.



I went to my G.P .about a circumcision , but every thing was okay . I am 61.

the frenulum as it's called , helps with your sensation during sex . While you are soaking in a bath , pull your foreskin down gently and stroke it .


Hi, the Banjo is normal, it is called Frenulum and it is there to help keep your foreskin in place. Oh, you don''t say if you still have ur foreskin or if ur circumcised (all/part of ur foreskin cut off). But even so, your Banjo/Frenulum isn't always cut off for circumcision. Sorry can't help further - I have long foreskin kinda like anteater with V-shape overhang, quite unusual cos I'm Chinese, needed to do lot of 'stretching' to slide foreskin back, haha.


The frenulum is the male version of a woman’s clitoris, you really wouldn’t want that snapping if it’s there and looks healthy it’s completely normal


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