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The Men's Health Forum is a charity that works to improve men's health services and the health of men. This is our HealthUnlocked community. Unfortunately, under HealthUnlocked rules, there is a minimum age of 16 to participate in our community. Sorry, if you're younger. We know many of you have important questions to ask so if you are under 16 and are looking for answers, visit our main website: menshealthforum.org.uk

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Hi there, I wasn't sure really where to post this. I have been hugely concerned about my weight in the last year. But have found it very difficult to get the motivation to do anything about it. I heard about a 2 week diet plan, which supposedly will help you loose fat in 2 weeks. This is the link for a review, please would you mind checking this out and seeing what you think ? manlymag.com/2017/11/20/the...

First of all Well done Jo96 for stepping up to the challenge of going smoke free for you and your new family! The Uk Department Of Health has done lots of research on Vaping and has found them to be 95% less harmful than smoking. Some NHS stop smoking services in the UK have even started working with reputable Vape shops as e-cigarettes have been a successful stop smoking tool in the same way other nicotine replacements are. There is plenty of reputable research and information around Vaping. Here are some useful links ncsct.co.uk/ 0r ash.org.uk/home/ The NHS stop smoking service I work for in Hampshire even supports clients with a vape voucher scheme quit4life.nhs.uk/ .

What ever way you decide to do this.. Look at what support you have in your area and around you. Stop smoking services may have free support ,products and free professional supportive advice. Share your quit with family and friends too! Plan your rewards, and don't give up on giving up!

I hope this helps! :-)

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