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Penis posts in this forum

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We now appear to be getting posts on this forum about penises to get around the no pics rule on the penis health forum. The last post was from a guy who fid not even identify as having any penis health problem!! Could you please remember not to reply to penis posts in this forum but use the report facility. Many thanks.

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HELLO, will write here my penis issue?

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OsidgeModerator in reply to IOjd

No. Here is where it should go:

Perhaps two new fora should be established - one for circumcision , the other for penis health , not circumcision , which allows for picture posting ( unless this is an active decision not to have these pix by HealthUnlocked )

I have now seen the extended discussion about this in another thread on the forum and have replied there.

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sinewave in reply to Galen70

Off topic, I know - but why 'forae'? If anything it would surely be 'fora'?

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Galen70 in reply to sinewave

You are absolutely right the plural should be fora

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sinewave in reply to Galen70

...but 'forums' is now generally deemed to be acceptable English, despite the etymology. To quote the inscription above my school's dinner-serving area:

'veni, vidi, vomui'.

So much for 1960s school dinners.....

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sinewave in reply to Galen70

Nicely edited, Galen!! :) :) :)

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