Yucky hiatus hernia

Oh I hate feeling poorly but a few weeks ago I felt nauseous, had back pain, couldn't eat as usual and went to the GP .... Humph that really takes a lot for me!

Sent for a speedy endoscopy and I Have a hiatus hernia (with reflux) which Is a really horrible physical feeling. So I am feeling absolutely miserable! The plus side is it so far doesn't appear more problematic... albeit waiting for biopsies.

I haven't run for 4 weeks not knowing the degree or cause of the severe reflux but have some advice and treatment now. After a horrendous endoscopy yesterday I went for a beautiful walk with my son today - breathed it all in and let it all out - type of walk and feel blessed .

Do you know - I don't believe I would have done that walk today if if it wasn't for the knowledge and experience I have gained from having access to you all and C25k.

Counting blessings💗

Walking 5k a day - fingers crossed - assessing symptoms - sow jogging - fingers crossed X

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  • Should read.... Walked 5 k today - move to a slow jog - assess symptoms X

    Should really read..." Don"t stop me now ... I'm having such a good time ..."


    Drat it !.

  • Oh poor you, that would be my worst nightmare to have to swallow that tube...glad it's not too serious.

  • Thanks CG, the staff were really caring but the tube was difficult .. You are right it's not too serious and I am getting myself together x

  • They used to knock you out to have that done, don't they do that any more? I have something going on in my own tummy, too scared to see the doc in case they send me for that....

  • You can choose to have a sedative and they numb the throat with a spray but you can swallow ok... it just relaxes everything. I didn't want sedation but if I had to have another one I would 😊.

    They give you all the information you need beforehand and there is plenty of time to ask questions CG. I do feel better knowing the initial results and they tell you what showed up,before you go home.

    (So long as you have someone who can be with you for 24 hrs afterwards you can have sedation. But it's not an anaesthetic).

  • Poor you. Not nice symptoms or investigations, and definitely not nice no running.. I hope it gets sorted quickly. This is a lovely time of year to be walking anyway so that's a plus. (Except for the thunderstorms we seem to be having lately!)

  • Thank you Eatcakeandrun, I 'be been very lucky with great health to date ....and these thunderstorms are rattling overhead again this evening.

  • Sending a hug, that sounds so tough but thank goodness for family, take care 😎

  • Thanks jj, I am acclimatising! Sorry for the detail on reflection ...all's well and getting sorted.

  • Good luck and take it nice and slow. At least you know what's up now and it is treatable

  • Hi Cath,, good advice, you are right ...thank you x

  • Really sorry to hear about that jaxy. Sound horrible. Stay strong and here's hoping they get you on a treatment plan that gets you back to your running soon. x

  • Hi Sandra, thanks so much...I've stopped feeling sorry for myself and getting things sorted quite quickly; slow and steady!

  • Sorry to hear :( Feel better!

  • Thank you roseabi X feeling better already.

  • Aww glad things are improving for you now Jaxsy_runs :)

    Nothing wrong with walks I read somewhere to day 3 x 10 min brisk walks are just as good for us as a 30 min run :)

    Hopefully you will be back running soon :D

  • Thank so much Slow_Rob, you are quite right ... walking is good x

  • I think lots of folks run with hiatus hernia so it can't be the end of your running surely? Hope not!

  • Thank you misswobble, I think I am just adjusting to the speed of things changing but I am accepting it X

    Just a bit nervous about triggering things further as it lasts for 8- 10 hours ...not nice at all.

    I am currently looking at walking poles; and speed walking techniques!

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