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Does anyone suffer with trochanteric bursitis? A recent steroid injection has helped a little but the pain in my elbows has remained rheumy said there's definate inflammation there. Wondering if anyone had any ransom tips as a cant find a comfy position and nothing seems to ease the pain. Iv tried hot and cold compresses paracetamol ibuprofen naproxen diclofenac tramadol and I'm on gabapebtin hydroxy and methotrexate. Any ideas would be gratefully received :0)

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Hi Briggsy,

I'm no medic but I wonder if prednisolone might help as it helps to suppress inflammation. A year ago I was in agony right down to the tips of my fingers, painkillers were of little help, within 2hrs of starting steroids the pain started to ease. Maybe your GP might prescribe a short course to see if it will work.


Thanks beckside i will make an appointment with the doc in the morning :0)


Hi Briggsy

Yeah I've got that too in both hips. I had it for some time & when I had the first lot of steriod injections they did work for a number of weeks but then the next lot didn't do any good so they decided to another lot doing an ultra sound at the same time to get right into the inflammation. It was so painful as they had to go much deeper. They still didn't give me any relief . I'm not having any more but my hips are awful & walking is difficult.

I hope you manage to find some relief.

Take care Tremarel


Yes: beckside's prednisolone idea is where I'm heading for somewhat similar reasons to you, briggsy: i.e. problem bursitis

The bursae in my forefeet have been getting worse and worse bursitis over past years (it's a chronic lifelong situation that's been conservatively managed/ treated with bespoke orthotics etc lifestyle stuff NO meds of any strength would help at all. Agonising pain: so I totally feel for you).

Anyway, the NHS looked at my bursitis for 7 years scratching its head and finally did MRI & found mortons neuromas associated with the bursitis. My pain consultant said: ok so pain killers, antiinflammatories etc don't help (like you, I've tried a long list)...SLE patients respond so well to steroids, try a steroid cocktail injection in the worst bursa & if that helps, think about a series of injections, instead of once only, and another alternative is pulsed radiofrequency to the site, and also a trial of oral prednisolone. (my daily meds have been laquenil & Amitriptyline & topical steroids). Whatever, this first injection has somewhat helped the worst bursa: 3wks on I haven't had a full-on pain flare at the injection site, but that awful bursa is clearly simmering up for a blast. So, I will be talking to my gp & my rheumy about going these other options including the oral prednisolone route

So, re the medical side of this, based on my experience, the only thing I'd add is: if yours is a chronic bursitis, has the joint associated with your bursitis been fully examined, ie with MRI etc? It wasn't until I got my MRI that my consultants understood the cause of my chronic bursitis., ie SLE plus collapsed forefeet and mortons neuroma. The conclusion was that i have to avoid weight bearing in order to relieve strain/stress on those forefeet joints....well, thanks, I thought: it's hardly rocket science: I'd already figured out the pain is worse when I walk or stand. So am just hoping your doctors have done their best to understand the source of your bursitis.

Well, meanwhile, how to find a comfortable position: Just an idea: try one of those sit-up in bed-type maternity cushion/pillows? The sort that have arm rests, which could support your elbows possibly more comfortably? I've used these when upper spine condition was sending bad nerve firing down my arms, which is different to your thing, but.....

Take care & good luck


Thank you for your messages :0) i have had a steroid injection into the bursa which I found extremely painful that day and didn't seem to help at all I will persue the prendisolone route and see what happens. It kind of helps hearing from you guys in the same boat as I constantly ask myself if I'm just being a big wus!! Iv developed cellulitus round my elbow today so am on antibiotics now hoping that helps :0)


No wonder you were in so much pain with the cellulitis, hopefully things will start to calm down now. Take care and take it easy for a few days.


Yes: cellulitis too: I know that one well! Take care briggsy and keep your chin up: seems to me you're doing the right things. Hoping to hear things are improving for you


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