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Mouth ulcers

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I’m feeling sorry for myself as I have a mouth full of ulcers - literally a dozen of them. It’s making it hard to eat, drink and clean my teeth. I know I have to wait for them to heal - salt water and Anbesol work best for me - but I’m just feeling so miserable and you’re the only people that understand 💐

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Hi I use to suffer really bad with mouth ulcers. So bad once my mouth and throat was covered. One doctor paint like a blue Altra violet liquid all over my mouth and partly down my throat.

I can really simplify with you. To be honest I tried everything possible to get rid of them. Like you I could hardly eat or drink.

Then one day I was searching online for anything I could try and I read a lady’s report on her daughter and she said the only thing that helped her daughter was cranberry juice.

So I thought well I have tried everything else so I done what she said. I drank a carton per day for 3 days then one big glass everyday after that. I now never suffer from mouth ulcers. For the first while after they all cleared up I might off got the odd one or two but never again did I suffer like I use to. I also changed my tooth paste. The cranberry juice also helped my cystitis and I don’t get that anymore either.

I have to say it took me a little while to get use to the taste but after a while I was ok with the taste. I was really happy that it was clearing up my ulcers. I don’t drink it now and I don’t get any ulsers. You have to really persist with the juice or I don’t think that it will work.

I hope that this has been off some help to you as I hate to think about anyone with them nasty little ulcers. Please let me know if you do try the cranberry juice. Good luck and fingers crossed 🤞. 🤗🤗🌹🌹xx

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Nurseladybird in reply to Jan101

Thanks Jan, it’s definitely worth a try 💐

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Jan101 in reply to Nurseladybird

Good luck sweetie 🤞🤞🤞

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Wishie in reply to Jan101

Just wanted to say, I’m suffering too, have only managed to eat one meal today, don’t want to brush my teeth either as it hurts too much. The corners of my mouth have also flared up, cracked and sore, it looks horrible - so embarrassing.

Hope you find something that helps.

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Jan101 in reply to Wishie

Hi sweetie I don’t have mouth ulcers anymore. I drank cranberry juice a full carton for 3 days then a glass per day and all my ulsers cleared up.

I was just telling Nurseladybird what had help me after trying so many different things that never worked for me.

Maybe you to could give the cranberry juice a try and see if it helps you. I know that it has helped others but you need to be consistent with the juice.

Take good care. Love and hugs 🤗🤗😘😘🌹🌹

I really feel for you. The only thing that works for me is gargling the soluble steroid Betamethasone a few times a day. Mine go within 24 to 48 hours. You have to get them on prescription but I wanted to hug my GP when they worked! Best wishes.xx

I’ve never heard of doing that, but might ask for some next time. Thank you 💐

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Calanthe in reply to Bee1london

Hi my heart goes out to you for I've suffered with mouth ulcers as well and it's the worst of ALL my Lupus flares. My rheumatologist also prescribed the Beta.. solution and it works for me within 3-4 days. But before given that it lasted 1 1/2 weeks. God bless you love. Praying for you. 💜💜😚😚

I get mouth ulcers regularly and i have just tried putting manuka honey on the ulcer and it helped.

Someone else suggested that, so I shall give it a go. Sounds much nicer than the salt I usually use 💐

Have you tried Difflam mouthwash?? I use it regularly and its helped a lot. You can get it on prescription or OTC

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Nurseladybird in reply to chrisj

Thank you, I shall give it a go Chris 💐


I totally sympathize with you.

MTX gave me horrendous mouth ulcers. Not as many as you but the 4 I did have at any one time were huge bulbous things that covered a large part of my tongue.

I could not eat, talk, sleep etc either.

Saline did work for me. It took 2 weeks of holding warm salty water in my mouth 5 times a day to get rid of them. It was a Pharmacist that advised me to give it a go. I could not swill the water around my mouth as even that was too painful but holding the water in my mouth was fine.

I found them worse than having UCTD!

So sending you a gentle hug.


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Nurseladybird in reply to Joy_1

Thanks Joy, I’m feeling less miserable today. Salt water has been my life saver over the years 💐

Hi Nurseladybird,

We have a blog article with information and advice for coping with mouth ulcers which you may find helpful -

Thanks Paul, I’ll give that a look.

Hi Nurseladybird, sorry you are in so much pain. I keep an emergency box for mouth ulcer flares. Boots brand oral mouth gel with lidocaine is excellent. It should keep pain at bay long enough to try a small meal. I tend to eat soft cool food like rice custard or soft cereals and ices are soothing. Your pharmacist can suggest a medicated mouthwash with analgesia. I keep soft baby tooth brushes to clean when ulcers present. Keep your mouth moist by sipping water regularly. Avoid spicy, hot foods and liquids until inflammation settles. Some steroid meds are available on prescription from GP. I can access these on same day as an acute request from my Surgery but keep a small supply for out of hours. Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Buccal mucosal is good. It melts on ulcer, but don’t chew or swallow. I move it round my many ulcers. It takes ten minutes to dissolve completely. Also betamethasone dissolving mouthrinse is good to hold in your mouth and again don’t swallow. I wish drug companies would produce a pain relieving product with lidocaine to at least allow eating. Try to get through next few days as best you can. Ulcers are very debilitating affecting eating, drinking and talking, never mind the constant attractive drool which is so flattering😂😂😂

Take Care. I wish you well,

Brilliant advice, thank Kerrclan. I’d never even thought of getting a baby toothbrush for when my mouth is sore - such a simple solution for cleaning my teeth! Thankfully they’ve pretty much cleared up for now, but at least I have some ideas to try for next time 💐

Hello mate,

I’ve rarely suffered from mouth ulcers since my SLE diagnosis, so I don’t think they’re symptomatic for me. I really sympathise with you as I used to get loads when I was a teenager and they are so painful and make eating so uncomfortable. That cranberry juice sounds like it’s worth a try!

I really feel for you. I’m having a flare right now - only symptoms are extreme fatigue and terrible arthritis. I hope your ulcers clear up soon!

Betsy x

Thanks Betsy, just knowing I’m not alone helps. I hope your flare eases soon x 🌻

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