Oh Dear !

Felt quite reasonable over the weekend, so got carried away doing things. Still have not learnt to pace myself, as a result I feel like I slept on a pile of bicycles last night.

Need to take it easy today as have a few things to do later in the week. Also need a haircut, but my scalp is so sensitive I am not sure I can bear going to the barbers. Not going to trim it myself after my last effort !!

Eyes are very painful, so not much TV watching or on-line surfing today either. Is that my bed I can hear calling me ?? :o))

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  • It.s hard when you feel ok & just wanna do things when you can :-(

    Rest well Kentish_Man

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  • Yes, the art of pacing can seem like a never ending battle. I think sometimes I've just got it just right, but then the goal posts move. I find lacri-lube helps a bit with dry, sensitive eyes, but there's nothing like closing them for real relief.

    Hope you get back on top soon x

  • Energy is like currency. However much you think you have.

    Only spend half.

    Invest the other half in your recovery.

    This is the best bit of practical advice you will ever receive. Trust me

  • I never get the balance right either. What i can do one day and be ok will floor me another time. I am lucky I have a supportive family who step in when I am flagging but I do try to rest as much as possible. My main problem is trying to let others do things as I am bit of a control freak lol.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Sue x

  • I am exactly the same Sue, hence the way I felt yesterday. I ALWAYS used to do things around the house (DIY etc.) so have problems giving it over to others I know I need to delegate............but not yet !!

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