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Oh dear!

Had larangeal(?) ulcers a few weeks ago. No known cause. Saw gp who listened to my chest and said my left side was a little bit crackly and I was a bit breathless. Gave me a weeks antibiotics and my throat ulcers went away and I started to feel better.

Friday afternoon I started to feel really tired and achy, you know the usual!, so retired to the sofa. Got more breathless as the night went on but took some codeine and paracetamol and tried to sleep.

Rested all day saturday but felt no better. Pain and breathlessness still persisted.

Husband made me phone out of hours gp and they told me to go to a&e. All tests so far have been negative, bloods and chest xray, waiting for a ct scan and am now on medical assessment unit waiting to see what they will do.

The thing that made me laugh is that I am completely blue around my lips and nose bit my sats are at 99. The docs look at me as if I am faking it. Yes I am that good I can command my blood vessels to do as I please!

In theory I shouldnt have another clot because of my filter but knowing my luck thats what it will be!

Just wanted to share with someone who gets it! I dont mind being here because I HAVE to rest but its my youngest sons first day at secondary school tomorrow so unless they really do insist I will be going home again later.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with though!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend

Sharon xxx

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Having a vq scan tomorrow so need to stay in overnight.

Gutted as its my youngest sons first day at secondary school tomorrow so I will miss him going off.

Cant be helped I know but still sucks!

They think I either have another clot or the scarring in my left lung is playing up.

Will find out tomorrow I supose.



Really hope you feel better soon and they find out what is happening to you and they can get it sorted.

Hope your son has a good first day and you get to be there with him:)

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Thank you for replying.

Looks like I will miss his first day but he said he will be fine. Bless him.

Am on a really busy noisy ward but hopefully being moved soon so I should be able to get some rest.

Just got to wait until I have my scan, hopefully tomorrow, and see what that says.



Hi Shazzros

Good luck for your scan, hope they can help you soon. Hope your son likes his first day at big school!. Take Care. X

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Hope all goes well and you get out of there soon.

Take care and get some rest xx

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Thank you xxx


Oh dear indeed!

Maternal instinct versus self preservation is always a hard one .Been there so many times .Hope he has a great day and settles in well.You can only be there to help him if you are OK to do so .Look after yourself and hope they sort you soon.

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Thank you for all the replies.

My son had a fab first day at school and is very much looking forward to tomorrow! Phew

I had my scan and it has revealed that the last p.e I had in feb 2014 still has not dissipated. I also have scarring in between my lung and chest wall so whenevr I breathe in it hurts.

I am going to see what haematology have to say about it but I already know they will just fob me off saying I am already on the treatment needed. Even though it clearly isnt working!

I am home now again and taking it easy.


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Well at least your home now and your sons day has gone great so that's good news.Good luck with the rest


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