i keep having flare up every three days n i am wondering what causing me to flare up

i hav had bby 9 weeks ago n having problems wiv walking i am in wheel chair n chronical back pain tht bein investigated n i feeling tired n joint pains n keep having temp n mood swings n just feeling reli ill tht i am sleeping down stair n sitting up n coz i cant lay down n flare up keep happenin every three days for last 3 weeks since i got watering infection but tht got sorted straight away but i still keep flaring up

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  • Sorry 2 hear u're suffering at the moment, especially with a new born baby :(

    Pregnancy & giving birth can sometimes cause a flare in lupus :(

  • Hi there! There could be all sorts of reasons why you are feeling so bad- after having a baby yor hormones ca be all over the place- plus the lupus & your other medical problems- all combined that's a huge amount to cope with- see your doc ASAP- tell them how bad you feel that you are at the end of your tether & you can't cope & you will get an emergency appointment- you definitely need help & sipport to get thru this- big hug- sxx

  • Hi Shakylove, I am sorry things are so difficult for you. Being in pain and coping with everything else going on, including the baby, must put such a strain on you. It sounds like you could do with seeing a chiropractor or osteopath - or perhaps have some gentle massage. I hope you get help and that you will feel better very soon. xxx :)

  • Hi there, after i had my baby i had a massive flare starting around 3 weeks post-natal. Like you i had severe fatigue, temp, joint pains - i had to lift my baby using my wrists and open nappy fastners using my teeth, it was awful. I too had chronic back pain, couldnt lie flat, or get up from chair and was awaiting MRI and referred to orthopaedics - eventually after taking a turn for the worst i was admitted to hosp where a pericardial effusion of heart & lungs was diagnosed, 7 months later whilst awaiting MRI for back? Pain in back was actually my lungs! Dont want to scare you but flares are known to happen after pregnancy so you should contact GP asap, your new baby needs you to be well, x

  • i found out today after having all them symptoms tht i am lacking in vitamin b12 n tht cud b causing me all these problems but got to wait for results from specialist about mri scan tht i had done to make sure its not nothing else n tht they pick everything up but i do need now 6 injections then i am on injection every three months n they need to test me for pernicious anaemia to see if it tht too

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