Tired all the time

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same.

I am tired all the time, i wake up i'm tired and i got to bed i'm tired.

It constant every day i have no sense of relief or energy its really starting to affect me i feel really down I've put on weight and i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. I'm constantly pushing myself to keep going but it is really draining.



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  • Hi Yasmine we all feel the same it's fatigue . It's a kind of tiredness that never goes & everything is so hard. Your body never feels rested. As you said you get up & feel as though you haven't been to bed. Everyday is an effort. You are not alone so hang on in there .

    All the best Hayley x

  • Yep i agree with tremarl, however hydoxy does help with the fatigue and when im on steriod injections thats helps too, wot meds are u on as sometime they make u tired toox

  • thank you both, i'm on a cocktail of stuff Predniselone, mycophenolate, Hydroxychloroquine, Valsartan, Furosemide and Ranitidine.

    I have booked a GP appointment to see if there is anything they can do.

    Its just all a bit too much at the minute and i also think the heat and humidity really affect me i come home after work feeling quite swollen and tired.

  • Yes of am the same the only time I feel any better is when I am on steroids just coming off 4 a day and now feel so tired x

  • Ditto, I only get relief from fatigue when I've had a steroid injection & that only lasts for 3/4 wks. I had an injection on 14th June & can feel it's wearing of now. Yesterday I woke at 7am & was bk asleep till 2pm. Nothing I've tried changes the fatigue. If I feel the need to sleep I give into it now. It does give me a feeling of " what a waste of a day". I was diagnosed with SLE, Sjogrens, Raynaud's in 2013 & still trying to learn to pace myself, very difficult.

  • Yes I've been incredibly tired too. I even fell asleep sitting up on the other day for two hours. I wake up in the morning thinking ok today I will Hoover the room or tidy the kitchen and then an hour or so later, I'm so tired I just want to lie down.

    Sometimes I can't even empty the shopping after going. To the shop. It's depressing. Everything becomes overwhelming. The house becomes a mess. Things are left undone and piling up. I've tried all sorts of supplements l:green drinks etc that promise energy boosts...and nothing.

    I don't know what to suggest. Just wanted to let you know your not alone. No one really understands the complete and utter exhaustion and frustration.

    I hope things improve for you soon. All the best


  • Oh yes. I feel as though I am massively overweight and hauling my body around is just too much. I keep expecting a flare to strike with its customary speed but it hasn't yet. It's tiring being so tired xx

  • Hi yasmine,

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the fatigue at the moment. We wrote an article for our blog earlier this year about managing fatigue which has some advice. It may be worth reading - lupusuk.org.uk/managing-fat...

  • Thanks Paul

  • This is same as whats happing to me i am so fed up with it i ahve a fantastic GP who looks after me but i see him this morning and did not no what to say apart from rest !! its so draining and he reckons the weather is not helping either.

    hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for your support everyone its so nice to know i'm not alone. i have my GP appointment this afternoon so hopefully they will help or give me some ideas.

    Yasmine xox

  • Yes, the fatigue is what bothers me most. I used to have energy to spare and now, just accomplishing one thing a day is a challenge. You are def not alone! I'm seeing my doctor in 4 weeks and hoping she can advise me on what to do. I've never had steroid injections - maybe they will help.


  • On my first visit to my immuno consultant he put me on 4 sprays a day of VitB12 and 2 of VitD - both from Holland&Barratt - it really helped me - I spray inside cheeks and under tongue in one go. Worth a try? Good luck

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