Am I having a flare?

So last night before I went to bed I had a weird feeling In my body, super vague but I just didn't feel right my heart felt like it was beating differently and my chest felt heavy.

This morning I woke up with a terrible, red and painful throat and muscles that felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I had no choice but to drag my sorry self to work (currently on my last warning for sickness and cannot afford to lose this job) I felt completely exhausted and I don't know how I got through the day but I did. Today alone I've had pain in my joints, tightness and pain in my chest when breathing, stomach pains, headache, sore throat and achy muscles. I already know that tomorrow is going to be awful.

Is this something I can expect from a Connective tissue disease/ lupus flare or does it sound just like some sort of infection I'm just wondering if anyone has flares that come on this quickly? Thank you x

PS: my GP is useless there's no point even contacting them and my next Rhuemy appointment isn't until 7th Feb

Edit.. now the next day and my body is playing havock on me. Clavicle is swollen badly on one side and pain spreading up my neck and down arm on that side, muscle aches even worse

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Hi H

I'm the same heavy chest ,like pressure on my throat ,back pain, December had lung test ,heart scan , both ok , I have hyatus hernia and allergy to PPis December had camera CT scan then MRI so a very busy month , and after all that I'm sure it's going to be down to connective tissue, won't know for sure till February , I m retired now so feel for you having to work through your pain ,

My VV best friend said you know Sandra you've not been the same since you have been taking those tablets (hydroxy) OMG is that what friends think , so what do employers think 😘😘

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Hi, that sounds dreadful. I have to say that it does sound like the virus that is surrounding us all. Can I suggest if you are that unhappy with your GP you change to another in the practice. Contact the practice manager and voice your concerns, it really is worth the effort, make your concerns known. In the mean time be kind to your body and yourself, rest when you can, lots of oranges ( vitamin c) ) Take care.


Afraid it's a flare but so sorry you cannot stay at home and rest you really should pace yourself when you are like that. Hope your Ruemy appointment will help I tend to find them so much more helpful than dr.

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Hi Hnewman2,

It sounds as though you could be experiencing a flare. This could either be your condition, or could be caused by an infection. You should really let your doctor know in case they need to adjust your treatment at all. Do you have a specialist nurse at your rheumatology clinic who you could call?

I would repeat Traybake60's advice and recommend that if you are unhappy with your current GP, that perhaps it would be best to change to a new one. You can find more information about doing this in our article here -

I'm sorry to hear that you have been having to continue to push yourself to go to work, which could exacerbate matters. Are your employers aware of your lupus? Have they made any adjustments to help you manage better in your role? Often it is a reasonable adjustment to allow people with a chronic illness like lupus to count their 'disability leave' separately from normal sickness days and not count them for disciplinary measures. If you haven't already, please take a look at our employment guides for more information about your rights in the workplace and the support that is available - If you need physical copies posted to you, please just send me a private message or email with your name and address and I'll send some.


If you have chest pain and pain that is going up your neck and down your arm please go to A&E to get checked out. You may well be having a flare but I'd want to rule out any heart issues. I had similar symptoms to you but I'd had a heart attack. I don't wish to scare you, but better safe than sorry.

Are you female out of interest? Heart attacks treat us differently to men and often go unnoticed, ignoring it could lead to damage to your heart. I'm talking from experience so please, please get checked out. X

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Thank you for your response I'm just so hestitant about going to A&E because my local hospital is so awful. Every time I've been to A&E I've been sent away with no tests done and told to see my GP. This was due to intense pain in my abdomen and they didn't even preform a scan or blood tests. And I know the wait time is always horrendous due to lack of staff.

I am female yes and I'm aware that I'm at risk of heart attacks because of my raised antibody levels and suspected clots/narrowing of my arteries.

I have a heart scan booked in for Thursday this week I think I will wait and see if anything shows up but I have asked my GP for an emergency appointment to see if I have an infection going on or if it's just a flare.

Thank you for your advice


Ok, Hnewman2. I can understand your hesitation, a bad experience can be enough to put you off for life!

Good luck on Thursday and I really hope you feel better soon. Keep us all updated.

Best wishes and positive thoughts,

Kim xx


Update: now sat waiting in my Drs office I've been booked in for emergency appointment, will update when I come out, thanks for th support everyone x


Hi Hnewman2

How did you get on at the docs? Also did you have your heart scan today?

I hope everything went well. Keep us updated!

K x


Hi K,

Thank you for asking, it was fine. She suspects a Viral infection which has swollen my tonsil and glands on one side, it seems that the infection has triggered a flare in my condition which is why im suffering so much! I did have the scan today, yes. It was absolutely fine I was a bit nervous about it but really had nothing to worry about, just waiting for the results now which I suspect I won't hear anything until my next Rhuemy app unless its serious.

Thanks again x

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Phew! Glad to hear it's ok, but sorry you're still suffering. Get well soon, I can sympathise with swollen tonsils!

Best of luck with your next rhuemy appointment.

K x


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