Dla refused my decision today after 10weeks of reconsideration of my application. I posted a couple of days ago after a phone call

Thursday just gone suddenly I got my decision..i feel really annoyed at the whole process a waste of time..i don't want to take it further as I have no energy to fight with these people, all I can say is I feel very let down my the system. They seem to have a awnser for everything even if some of it is not right and I don't agree. I don't thi k there was any carefull consideration and I was just another one on their pile. What does anybodey else think I received no appeal form shall I take it further..i feel there is no support for people with sle..:'(

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  • Hey jeevan05, please keep fighting for your dla we have a long term illness that isn't going to get better, get someone from citizens advice to help with your appeal

  • Hi Jeevan05

    That is apalling way to treat you and take so long to decide not to give you DLA!. Take all your papers to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau who will look at their decision and advise you what you can do. You must feel ill after all that stress of wondering and they cruelly got your hopes up!. Good luck. X

  • I was very stressed yesterday, as you can imagine for ten months .my hopes were high. I just felt have to carry onwith both jobs as threres nothing else I can do. I started my dla claim lastyear.i will to go to citizens advice berau today, if I have the will to get out of bed..thanks

  • I agree with the other comments go and get support from CAB. Its a long far too hard battle we shouldn't have to fight. I took a year to get my PIP award and wouldn't have got it if not for help and support from CAB.

  • Hi

    I am so sorry to hear this. You need to et help as advised by the others. Make sure you have filled in the questions the best way. So e times its how you word the answers. Ridiculous way of going on. They refused my 84 year old mum attendance allowance at first even though she had just had major surgery for cancer with removal of groin lymph nodes. It feels like they will find any way not to pay. But they will so get advice from someone who knows what you need to write.

    I feel for you, I know I worried when I was off ill because I didn't know if I would be ble to handle my job anymore. I thought I should start checking out alternatives and couldn't see me passing the criteria. There will be a way though and it's usually just in the way you read and reply. We got someone around to fill in mums form the 2nd attempt and she now gets the money he needs.

  • Okay I have already emailed cab this morning..will be on the case, thanx foe your advice it has pushed me which is good..i was gona call it a day..

  • Hi there. So sorry to hear about your struggle with DLA. I don't know where in the country you live but I am in Surrey and after going to the CAB for help with everything, (and coning away feeling like I actually knew more than the person I spoke to) I went to Surrey Disabled Partnership and found my lovely, fabulous Advocate. I cannot thank this voluntary organisation enough. Because of my advocate I am now in the Support Group with DLA higher rate mobility and lower rate care component. Maybe there is a similar organisation in your area? GOOD LUCK with it all.........once rested enough, get back up and continue fighting!!!!

  • You should definitely appeal it! I feel so angry and sorry for you.

  • Thanx dawsden and sezzie, will definatley look look into the support group..im all the way in Leicester.

  • 0116 242 1120 is the number for The Community Advice & Legal Service which is on Charles Street in Leicester. They will help with any appeal and form completion. You can also find all their details on the web. Good luck.

  • The same happened to me they turned me down I have COPD level 4 and bulging discs in my lower spine, I asked them to reconsider and they turned me down. I got a form for pip I got a voluntary group to fill my form in and they did a much better job than I did but like you I waited from May 2013 to March 2014.

    I am at the moment trying to get the rule for the benefit system changed so that people with severe lung conditions get ESA & PIP awarded automatically.

  • Thanx soo much will ring them tomm.

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