Got my claim form and filled it in last Monday, 15th December. Got a text yesterday to say that the form had been received, then a letter from Capita today to say that I have an appointment for an assessment in my home on the 7th January! WOW that seems really quick, I wasn't expecting to hear for months and not have an assessment within 4 weeks.

I am really worried as I have never claimed anything before, so would be grateful if anyone could give me any advice as to what will happen and how long it will take.

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas to all.

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  • That is quick I think this is because Capita want to impress as Atos are now leaving good luck for your home visit I'm sure you will be fine

  • Refuse home visit gobti the office itself with your support officer . When I had home visit they refused me appealed and lost. Applied for it again in January had assessment2weeks ago and won . Went to capital in Cardiff with my support offer and won today so try this

  • My hubby has had his pip assessment last week at Atos office his only took 3 weeks the woman said its because they have there own offices now and not going to different buildings now so catching up with back log hope yours goes well ,hubby had loverly woman and feeling very confident

  • Hi, I had my assessment on Monday. It took approximately an hour and the guy who carried it out was lovely. He said it was just an assessment to add meat to the bones of the written assessment. He asked a lot of questions regarding my diagnoses and questions as to how I carry out my day to day activities. He carried out a short physical examination, bending, strength tests in arms and legs. I was very nervous before the assessment but he soon put my mind at rest. I have to wait between 4 and 6 weeks for a decision now. I am not sure how it went, just a waiting game now.

    All the best and Happy New Year x

  • Hi mandymerritt thank you for your reply. I am really nervous and not looking forward to it at all. Am going to write things down beforehand to make sure everything is clear and i have said all i need to say. I suffer from lupus fog and know i will get something wrong. Hope they won't mind that but it is my way of dealing with it. Happy New Year x

  • I am sure that will be fine. He made me do a memory test too which I found quite difficult and I was surprised at how rubbish my short term memory is! Are you able to take someone with you, I found that helped. It has had such an impact on my families life as well as mine and I was so anxious about getting that across. Try not to worry, I worried far too much but it is understandable as it means so much to us. Let me know how it goes, I am sure it will be completely fine x

  • I am on my own and only moved here two years ago but am used to managing. Have never claimed benefits before so don't know what to expect. Your reply has helped a lot and i will let you know. X

  • Claiming benefits for Lupus can be tricky as we all know one day you can be great and the next barely get out of bed. Its standard procedure with some local councils to decline benefits although they will not admit this. If this is the case fill out the appeal form that accompanies the letter they send and you will win the appeal.

  • Thank you Gary and i have heard that this happens. I not only have lupus but also an ongoing neck problem which causes me difficulties. It was the latter which pushed me into claiming PIP. I will appeal if turned down. Thank you for your reply.

  • Just say how it is don't hide things I had my assessment on the 12th of March and won my claim today so happy days

  • Hi pennyleigh. I had my interview and within three weeks had a letter to say that I had been awarded standard rate care until 2019. I was so relieved. The home visit went quite well and I did tell it like it is. It would have been difficult to get to the offices in Cardiff so i preferred a home visit. There should b a post somewhere about this, knowing me it could have disappeared!! 😃

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