Esa trying to claim again.

Hi everybody. Could anybody give me any advice or what to do with my ESA. I went to tribunal on the 11th march and was refused ESA but was told i could re-apply. I did this straightaway. I have just received a letter this morning saying that all payments will be stopped as of now. They told me that it could take up to 6 months for a decision maker to decide if they will let my new claim go through.Has anybody else experienced this and if so how long have you had to wait for a reply from the decision maker. I cannot claim Jobseekers as that is for people well enough to work, which i am not. When i asked this question to them they just said its catch 22. What am i supposed to do now i have no income coming in. Your advice on this matter would be gratefully appreciated.

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  • Speak to somebody at CAB they are fantastic, they even came and did a home visit for me, helped me fill in claim forms and supported me all the way, they have been a God-send for me. Good luck and let me know how you get on : )

  • Thank you for yr advice. Will CAB be able to do anything about not been able to claim for the next 6 months or until the decision maker as made up their minds. Apparently it's a new law and I cannot see what else I can do.

  • I am sure they will be able to advice you as to what to do next, they offer to help you appeal and help you all the way through to build up your case , just give them a call they are wonderful and im sure they will be able to put your mind at rest, you really dont need all this stress on top of your illness . : )

  • Thank you. I will try CAB and see what they say. I hope they can help me.

  • I went through that, my GP has written me sick notes but i still have to claim JSA until i can re-claim ESA again under a new claim. I was told by job centre today if my GP wrote a letter saying my condition has got worse i could claim ESA now but i would need Gp letters and hospital letters, which i am getting.

  • Thank you so much sammie. I will make an appointment in the morning to see my GP. I cannot even claim JSA because on the form they ask if you are fit to work and if I say yes, which I'm not, then i would be classed as lying on an official document. When I told thy ESA this they told me its catch 22. That does not help me at all but I really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much.

  • Hi

    I have been through the same thing quite a while ago i won my case , you really need to ask for all your medical letters and appointments, the more evidence you have will help every time i have had to re apply i send loads of medical letters of from GP and Consultants,It was only last May i had been given DLA for life (not quite true as PIP comes into place april and everyone has to re apply) i was told it will not be till 2015 more forms yet again, And 2 weeks ago i got ESA put in support group as i am not fit for work i no that this will be reviewed as they dont award this for life , So i am not sure if its every couple of years they check again ,i guess time will tell. But please do not give up keep fighting its hard but its not your fault you are ill.

    Take care

    Rachel x

  • Thanks Rachel. I have got all my hospital records and am awaiting a letter from my consultant. The ESA will not take this into consideration yet because they said its to go to a decision maker first. If he says yes I can apply again then that's when I can forward all the information. This is really getting me down now.

  • when i appealed against the decision to stop my esa, the dwp cut me off. I had to go to my doctors to get a sick note which he only gave me for 3 months. it took dwp 2 weeks for them to give me any money. i had no money at all as i live on my own. they also stopped paying my rent even thou i told them i had no money coming in. i had letters and phone calls from them wanting to know where the rent payment was. The esa never told me that my money would be cut of when appealing. maybe i might of thought differntly about it if i knew about the situation i am in. I now try and live on £71 a week which is rubbish money. it's making me depressed as i have no money and i am in debt with the rent department and other things.

  • It makes me really angry when genuinly sick people are being denied the support they so desperatly need, whilst mps claim large mounts in the form of expenses for the likes of duck pounds, bogus second homes and lavish meals, all at the tax payers expense and no one bats an eye lid.

    I am sorry to hear you are going through this. When I appealed my esa decision I continued to get payments whilst waiting for my appeal, which I was very grateful for. However all this has changed now. How can you apply for jsa when you are sick and not fit for work, its rediculous! I was sucessful in my appeal and was given 2 years in the support group. I will have to re-apply next year, which I am dreading.

    I didn't get any help from the cab office because they were over subscribed, so I had to do it all myself with god's grace. I found this very heard because it really increased my lupus symptoms and blood preasure. I think what helped me to get the decision overturned was that I explained in great detail how my illness impacted on my daily life and ability to do basic things, don't leave anything out. I also got support letters from my consultant and from family members and friends who helped me frequently. Dont give up, I know its hard, give it all you've got.

    All the best.

  • I was getting paid whilst appealing the first time. But when I lost at the tribunal and have tried to re-apply they have told me it could be up to 6 months for them just to decide if I can apply or not. So CAB wouldn't really be able to help me. This is the new law they have brought in for claiming ESA. They just told me to phone next week to see if the decision maker as decided. I've got letters and medical records but I cannot show them to them yet until they decide if I can claim again. It's so wrong. I'm going to see my doctor and hope he will give me a letter saying I have got much worse. I am going to send this to ESA in the hope it speeds up their decision. Thank you everybody for your help and advice on this matter.

  • Hi My husband has Lupus and complication of a shrinking lung, rheumatoid arthritis, has suffered from pericardium(heart) and my only advice is do not go it alone must see citizen advice and ours have been fantastic, helped every step of the way. One battle won.

  • Hey all i eas on esa got a letter frm them to day i got diserlould only 9 points as atos lied about my health i sufer frm depresion bad and my heatlh is bad im so angry its not fair i rang up to get the dession changed but cant appel to or if they say yer i got 9 points say i cant work with people or work plave but told me to go on jsa but i cant work but need money as getting nothing any body who can help

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