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The irony of needing to remember so many important things when you can't remember What they were

Box after box of tablets and lotions and potions. So many appointments my calender is full, parents evenings and play time. It amuses me daily that I now have so much to do, take and remember! Me and my partner joke that I have more drugs in my cupboard than the creamfields festival :P making light of a serious situation its a great coping mechanism. I barely remember if iv taken my tablets most days, that's the irony to me, now its so important to remember I can't think! I wonder if there's a tablet to improve memory.... I would be able to forget to take that too then! Take this, do this, use this, try that, be here, go there, where were you? What was my point? I can't remember :P

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I have 2 words 4 u - POST IT'S! I put them EVERYWHERE!

I sing 2 myself 2 remind myself what I'm doing (if I'm going upstairs 2 get the washing basket I say 'Black basket, black basket, tra, la, la, black basket,........), I have a blackboard in the kitchen that I write little reminders as well as a white board on the fridge, a laminated sheet on the bedroom wall that I can 'wipe clean', I even keep a chalk pen in the bathroom so I can write on the bathroom mirror if I need 2 cos u can guarantee by the time I've gone downstairs, I won't remember it! Plus, add 2 that, a diary by the phone, a diary in the bedroom & 1 in my handbag. I STILL bloody 4get stuff though lol!


I have a problem with post it's they fall down and then what ever they were reminding me of is gone for ever.


I forget to buy the post-its!!!


I am on Warfarin to thin my blood it hasn't helped my memory but gets rid of the fog.(Hughes syndrome)

I buy a calendar which is about a 5 in size. It has a blank page behind each page, I try to keep it in the same place I call it my brain

I also have a box that has compartments for my pills and try and have them at meal times

I often have to look afterwards to see if I have taken them

Good luck, horrid isnt it


I think the pill box is a good idea. I am considering one of these for myself as I always forget if I have taken meds or not!! I have a diary that I carry with me, diary on my phone and a whiteboard but still forget things all the time! My mind is so full of all these things I need to remember to do but just cant process them into the right order!! oh the joys! xxx


Pill box is a good idea, as long as you take at the same time everyday. That's my problem sometimes I say to my self I'll take my tabs in a minute then forget and really can't remember if I took them. I have been looking after my granddaughter since September it's the highlight of my week. I get help from the rest of the family but it helps me to focus and gives me so much pleasure. After xmas after not having her for two weeks I could not remember how to get her chair out of the car. It had just gone. I fiddled and fiddled two weeks later I had to admit to my son i made a laugh about it but that I had forgot, when he told me it was obvious I am sure they must wonder about leaving there daughter in case I leave her somewhere. I live in fear of admitting things to them in case they stop me. You do have to keep a sense of humour. I constantly film her doing things so I can look back at good and funny things. Lets all post ideas and funny events that have come out of loss of memory. Xx



i have 2 tablet boxes as i can't fit all of my tablets into one, one of the boxes is split into four sections for different times of the day and has 7 strips for each day of the week. i top them up once a week and it is very easy to see whether i have missed a dose or not.

i set alarm reminders on my phone to do things.

i write daily and weekly to do lists and tick things off as i go along.

i also have note pads in everyroom to jot things down

a nagging partner is also a godsend

good luck


Thanks guys :) I'm new to the brain fog so the tips are great. I keep wanting a pill box but my hydroxycloroquine says I can't take it out of The packaging :/ my phone tells me my reminders the day after I was suppose to do them lol. I'm gunna pick up Some things to help today....if I remember lol xxx


I use a pill box and am on Hydroxycloroquine. I did not realise they could not be opened. Anyway used the pill box for about 15yrs now and not had any problems. It is a good way of making sure you take your meds. I am also having to use my phone as a reminder as I take morphine at different times. Xx


With your medication folks, if you are on quite a few, don't forget that you can also request that they go into blister packs or nomad cassettes.

If you speak to your pharmacy, most do a collection and delivery service now so you don't have to worry about repeats and stuff, it will just come through automatically. The Pharmacy will order prescription when needed, will then arrange with gp to pick it up, make up blister packs if requested, putting them all neatly in daily doses, and deliver them to your door...

no cost and with the amount of medication I take I would not do it any other way.. in fact I could probably open my OWN chemist lol :) xx


Lol I know that feeling. My family jokes that if they shook me I would rattle :P Xx


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