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How many of you have been advised to stop driving?

I have Lupus and APS, and my rheumy many years advised me to stop driving due to spells of dizziness and slow reaction time due to brain fog. This resulted in me loosing so much of my indepence as i can't walk very far but was able to drive to the shop for a pint of milk etc

I just wondered how many of you had the same experience or are still continuing to drive and how this has effected the rest of your day to day life.

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Hi tiredmum

I too have lupus and aps. After 2 episodes of stroke like symptoms I'm not driving at the moment. No one has told me not to but I am still getting headaches, dizziness, concentration issues etc so don't feel confident enough to do so.



I voluntarily gave up my driving licence because of the dizziness I couldn't predict when I was going to have a bad episode and they were so bad that I couldn't even walk straight so I decided it wasn't safe anymore no just for me but for other road users now I have a bus pass and my daughtes take me where I need to be u think it was the best thing I did


I havent YET. After my stroke 9yrs ago the neurologist cleared me to drive but I was reffered back to one for migrains, numbness down the stroke side. I saw him Thurs & he very much focused on driving... I suppose that being housebound will be the next cross I have to bear - I have nobody to run me places & the corner shop is too far to walk for me (I will also be unemployed cos I wont be able to get to work...) as was also born with spina bifida. Worryingtimes.


I'm having an electric wheelchair so I can go back and for the shops across the road from me because I can't walk far either but I'm determined not to let this disease stop me if I have to adjust my life to fit around the disease eg wheelchair then I will but I'm definately not going to stop doing what I love or going out


Hi Tiredmum, I have not been driving for 3 1/2 years, I have not been told to stop but know that it is unsafe for me to drive, I did have an assessment done by a psychologist and she said I was safe to drive according to the test but to continue to only drive when I feel safe enough! I have now changed my car to an automatic as its easier and I have used this more in the last 2 months than I have in over 3 years, Although basically only to go the shop along the road. I have driven once to town, but was unable to drive back, I couldn't go out any distance on my own because I know I can't get back. Take care and good luck :) x


I have stopped driving voluntarily as I don't trust myself alone, when I have driven its always been with company & no matter how hard I try, I cannot drive alone. I've even had refresher lessons but its a different story when I know the instructor has control & I know he can stop the car if necessary. This situation had severely limited my life & apart from the local shops which takes a slow walk, I cannot go anywhere by car.. Anyone else feels like this?


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