Pain under rib cage and into back

Hi by reading a few post it seems pain under rib cage is quite common problem I have it again went to dr sent me for X-ray and have antibiotics again think its pleurisy but I can't lay down sitting in lounge now luckily have a recliner so can sleep sitting up a bit but every time I move it's agony tried painkillers even had gavicon I get the pain right into left shoulder blade the only time I have such pain I had gall stones had my gall bladder out I did go to st Thomas beginning of week have put me on hydroxychloroquine tablets have any of you tried this do you think it could help with this pain I have

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  • I have constant pain in the same area, have been on hydroxychloroquine for years and it makes no different to the pain. I had a MRI scan a few years ago that diagnosed fibrosis. At the moment it's playing up again with extra pain in the centre of my chest, I have to have another scan next week to check heart and lungs. I won't be surprised if they come back showing nothing wrong.

  • Hi Chris

    If that chest pain keeps worsening you go to A&E to be checked out!. You'll get the scan quicker that way and that kind of pain mustn't be ignored!. X

  • Thanks misty, it's ok I'm being well monitored by GP and cardiac team with all the instructions to go to a&e if it worsens. I still think its respiratory but nice to know they are taking it serious and want to make sure nothing else is going on. X

  • Hi Chris

    Glad your being well monitored. Good luck for test results. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Yep had heart scan for this normal

  • Thanks Chris

  • Hi paulakdean

    There's a particular joint near the ribs that can become very painful if inflamed. Maybe your lupus treatment could be adjusted to help?. Hope your better soon as it's a horrid pain. X

  • Thank misty I have been bit better today but mine seems to get worse in the evening

  • I have similar pain as you. Particularly lying in bed from about 5 am onwards. Been on hydroxychlorine for over 6 months. It hasn't helped.

  • Thanks shame hydroxychloroquine has not made any difference was hoping people found improvement when taking it

  • I have been on hydroxychloroquine for 7 years. I also have regular chest pain which has been so severe I have been admitted to hospital on several occasions. Treated for pluerasy, x rays etc. Found out eventually it is chondrites that I have, which is inflammation of the muscles and connective tissue in the rib cage. It is a regular thing for me and very painful. Strong painkillers and muscle relaxant is the only relief. Maybe worth checking with your docs as a possibility. Just have to be really careful with chest pain take no risks. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks never heard of chondrites will look it up

  • Costochondritis. I seem to have it also. Its a drag, hard hto push thru any upper body exercise, so im really getting atrophied. I will try muscle relaxant as suggested above.

  • Having had your gallbladder removed doesn't stop choledocholithiasis:

    "Choledocholithiasis is the presence of at least one gallstone in the common bile duct. The stone may be made up of bile pigments or calcium and cholesterol salts.


    About 1 in 7 people with gallstones will develop stones in the common bile duct. This is the small tube that carries bile from the gallbladder to the intestine.

    Risk factors include a history of gallstones. However, choledocholithiasis can occur in people who have had their gallbladder removed."


    So it might be worth asking...

  • Thanks didn't realise you could still get stones thought no gall bladder was the end of it

  • It is something I have come across before - which was why I remembered. It may not be - but it could be and it isn't impossible. Hope it improves soon.

  • My mom was sick for years after gallbladder removal with things like that. Im keeping mine!

  • I get pain in the chest through to the back - had it this morning and down my right arm - very restricting and makes me feel really bad. I had myocarditis once and that is the only pain I can relate it to. It renders me useless to move or do anything - I could cry!

  • Chostochondritis maybe?

  • Have also had this pain for almost 4 years now - on the right outer side of the chest radiating into the back and sometimes down the upper part of the right arm. It never seems to be far away but sometimes is worse than others. For me it disappears at night lying down and worsens as the day progresses. I have never had any good answers about it but I have noticed that many people with lupus and sjogrens have mentioned very similar pain. Nothing much seems to make much difference - I have tried physio and osteopathy - various painkillers etc. I am none the wiser about it :(

  • I have pain like this and it comes from my pancreas.

  • I have frequent pain in chest area. Had X-rays which revealed nothing. My dr concluded its the envelope of the lungs rubbing. Very painful & no easy answers.

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