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After blood tests my Dr thinks I may have SLE Lupus. Has anyone experienced poor memory and tripping up?

I seem to match up perfectly with many of the symptoms I've never really talked about previously, just learned to live with the constant ache in my groin, hip, my fingers swell and stick at times and I have pain at the base of my spine. Recently had nasty water infections, and found out my kidney is not functioning properly. Since the summer I have been so tired no matter how much sleep I get. My bowel habits fluctuate. I suffer with a lot of headaches, convinced I was allergic to dairy, I stopped all dairy and headaches aren't as bad, I don't have the awful sickness anymore although all tests have come back that I don't have an allergy! I have asked several times about watery eyes nobody could explain why, although read this could be a symptom. I have low zinc, calcium and borderline low thyroid. There are also many members of my family with Thyroid, Graves, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pernicious anemia.

I keep tripping up over nothing and have an awful memory that really annoys me, even though I try to laugh it off. I often get my words jumbled up, I seem to get upset over the slightest thing lately.

Has anyone experienced poor memory and tripping up? Will the consultant do more tests?

Look forward to your replies.

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Just read miscarriages and rash on arms during the summer can also be symptoms. More pieces fitting into the jigsaw.


poor memory & cognitive skills r pretty common with lupus, as r headaches, depression, so many different things :0/


Yes, my memory and general thinking sometimes are fuzzy and I am wobbly on my feet too. Take care.


yes I get episodes of totally forgetting what I need to say was in the supermarket wiht my Daughter one and I knew what it was I wanted but could I get it out just kept saying I need some ummss I do find myself a bit unsteady on my feet at times as well al to do with good old lupus


yep! poor memory,tripping and a bit clumsy and forgetting what i am saying mid sentance


I have the memory (or lack of it!) thing too, I now write lists for everything.

I thought I was starting with alzheimers or something! GP told me it is a Lupie thing.

Clumsiness - always knocking things over!



Really - I just read your post and thought I was reading something I had written myself.

I have all the same symptoms, and I have recently been diagnosed.

I thought I was losing my mind. The worst for me was the mouth and nose ulcers and this is what led to my eventual referral. I occasionally drop things as my hands go weak, its crap. I have raynaulds disease, I get easily confused and muddled and forget words all the time. I have had a blood clot, had miscarriages, have the most bizarre bowl habits, the tiredness is getting better now I am on treatment, I get dry eyes not watery ones, I can't wear contacts because of it. I have pain in my lower back, my hips, my knees, my feet and my hands. I don't get the typical butterfly rash, mine is only on my cheeks, but i do get a rash in the sun, which is a bummer as i love the sun, thats only a new thing and something I am hoping will be better now I am on treatment.

In my family i have Thyroid, and Pernicious anemia, alzheimers, high cholesterol, angina.

I hope you get some answers too and start to feel better

Jem x


Yup, I fit in here as well!


Yes indeed, me too Really.


Hi I have Hughes syndrome and mild lupus and the symptoms fit into both, worth checking out both see web site on here



c? The majority of us all 'wobble' 2gether :0) I tend 2 say I'm having a 'lupus' moment, rather than a 'blonde' moment ;0)


Memory, what memory. GP and Rheumy seem to think this is not a problem, I'm afraid from the other replies you have had, this is a common problem that we have to find our own way round.Wobbles and dropping stuff also common lupi thing with me but this problem is brushed to one side normally. You may need to develop your own strategies to cope in spite of the medical profession I'm afraid. So best of luck, be careful though, lack of balance can happen anytime, try to be really aware of problems that may arise from an everyday action, such as carrying glasses from one place to another, trip up and you could finish up in a&e, to please, please take care.


Aww thank you for all your replies :D Thank goodness there is a reason why I've always been clumsy and why we only ever buy cheap glasses! Ha ha you've all put the :D back on my face today. The probability of me being Lupi rather than loops is a relief! There is a reason why I'm thinking one name but say another. Sometimes can't remember what I started talking about. Erm and Thingy are amazing words!

I'm constantly loosing things, my work mates, family and friends just roll their eyes now!

I haven't a rash on my face although my hair is thining, the rash on my arms during the summer is tiny raised lumps. Someone posted that when they are really feeling bad her skin feels itchy like something is crawling under the skin, I was so worried when this happened to me.

I'm not too bad Kathin, my family used to say I tripped up over nothing. I'm terrible in the snow, fell 3 times last year ended up having physio on my shoulder. although now I'm older I'm more agile.

Can Lupus be treated with diet or are meds recommended, if so which seems to work best? Will check out Hughes and raynaulds disease.

Will let you know how I get on with the consultant in Jan.

Have a fab Christmas that gives us lots of energy, has no aches, and I can remember to buy ALL the food for the christmas dinner or we will be having fish fingers!

Kind regards to you all. x


This all is so freaky... I have only just had my diagnosis but all the above apply to me. My Sis reckons I would fall over a matchstick in a desert. Not glad to have the diagnosis but it explains so much in retrospect. As someone said I am Lupie not Loopy x


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