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Left leg problems

Hi folks, I have an increasingly worrying issue with my left leg as after short easy walks, it is seizing up. Feels like the tendons and muscles just stop working. I have for years had a strange "swollen/warm " feeling in the leg and wonder if that has anything to do with it? I take methotrexate and steroids for lupus and mctd.

I suppose I am concerned that my ability to do any form of exercise is going to disappear if I am not careful

Merry christmas to you all


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Hi where is this feeling. I think because I also have hughes syndrome I think clot if in the calf their is a thing called ( ? Spelling) intermittent claudication which also effects walking.

Not sure about the Methotrexate though

Good luck, hope things improve for you soon




Just trying to determine exactly where it starts but I would say the sensation starts just bellow my buttock and goes down to my mid calf. It s an odd, occasionally painful feeling. Having googled it, nerve damage could also be an explanation.

Will look up Hughes and see if I fall into thar category,

Thanks for answering so promptly



Could it be a slipped disc?

What you describe sounds like a very mild symptom of a slipped disc, so this could be inflammation at the base of your spine. I am only guessing of course - but I have had a couple of slipped discs and if it is this it is good news as they do get better with the right exercises.

Why not take it to your GP?


I would say disc or sciatica too


i have this and i think its sciatica which is so painful. i used to only get it down my leg but now its under my feet as well. i am takin tramadol as i can barely walkstill in pain though. i wonder if it is sciatica now should i ask for a test for hughes syndrome


I've had something v similar going on for nearly 20 years in my right leg/ankle (am 59), so your ? makes me feel for you!

My specialists (neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain specialist, gp etc) looked at my spine (MRIs etc etc) for years, checked me for MS (no) but missed I have SLE. I was finally diagnosed in 2010, told had lupus since infancy and done a good job haha of managing undiagnosed via multiple clinics. Also diagnosed with MCTD/hypermobility/raynauds/sicca but only on topical steroids (no oral, just plaquenil 400mg/daily & Amitriptyline 10mg

My point is, the feelings I have that are similar to the symptoms you describe have been happening without me being on oral steroids/meth and with only so-called avg wear&tear in lower spine. My lower spine may be involved, the drs say, but otherwise it's mainly all my other conditions. I deal with my symptoms by going slow when they flare, using a cane etc. but otherwise all the usual lifestyle stuff: antiimflammatory diet & supplements, gentle stretching exercises, meditation, daily long down to rest spine (at least 30 min like a meditation) etc.....

So, I'm vvvvv interested in how you get on and hope you'll keep in touch

Take care & good luck


Hi barn clown

Thanks for the email, one of the positives of this site is that it gives you confidence that you are not sinking into an abyss of hypochondria. My leg has not given me much actual pain until recently when going on gentle walks, but there has always been this weird warm, swollen feeling. I have also experienced times when parts of it feels numb but this is not permanent. I am due to spend the next 2 months in the French alps, and whilst I am not an excessive skier, I do like to go out if he sun is out. I am really concerned that my leg is not up to the exercise......

The question is, do I visit the doctors now or wait until I can more precisely explain what the problem is.... I have only just had a depo injection so should be feeling bionic ;)

Will let you know how I get on, have a lovely relaxing Christmas



Hi I have exact problem , dr told me it was bursitis , had a shot of steroids right in in Thule hip , maybe you could as there opinion ? All I know its-painful !! Hope this helps

David in Tampa

Ps heating pad helps .)


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