problems with my leg

My left leg doesnt always do what I want it to and it seems to be getting more frequent. For sometime I have felt that it is sluggish when I am walking but in the last couple of weeks I think it is getting worse. I have had two occassions when I could not lift it onto the clutch peddle in my car when I first start to drive and have tripped over things where I am not clearing them.

Does anyone have any ideas about this, should I go to GP now or wait until my next hospital appointment in December?

Sue x

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  • I don't think numbness or weakness of the limbs is un common, but it might be worth popping along to the GP if you are worried. Better be safe than sorry.


  • awww huni am sorry to hear this. Like flutterby i think maybe another trip to your GP would, if nothing else put your mind at ease. Hope you manage to get it sorted xxx

    have a good day xx

  • i think I might be more annoyed with my leg than worried about it and I am sure my GP will just say the same as always that its ok. I will see how it goes over the next few days and them maybe see if I can see a different GP at my practice.

    Thank you

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue I do have this problem with my right leg, it does my head in, but it's not all the time but I do have to pick it up to move it sometimes, it was really worrying at first but now, I just think just something else that's broke :( hope your having a good day, take care, Mandy x

  • See your GP for peace of mind. December might not seem too far away but if it's bothering you like this it's best to get it checked. x

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