Wet sensation on lower leg

Hi everyone

For the past two days I have had the strangest sensation on my lower right leg. It feels like my leg is wet but when you touch my leg its dry. It doesn't hurt but its a really strange and very annoying feeling.

Has anyone else had this and know what it is? I don't know if I should see the doctor? They will prob think I'm going crazy lol

Hope someone can explain what it might be and how to stop it

Lulu xxx

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This is a neurological symptom - the communication path from the nerve ends to the brain is affected, the brain doesn't receive the full signal and so it 'makes it up' as closely as possible with a 'known' feeling, in this case the feeling of wetness. How to stop it - it depends on what causes it. You don't say what your diagnosis is, so I have assumed it is lupus but any autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system could cause this. A dose of steroids or if you're already on them, an increase in the existing dose, would make a difference.

Do mention it to your rheumatologist - if the feeling is persistent he needs to take it into account as it could be an increase in disease activity. Even if it goes away by tomorrow, say, I would still mention it when you see him/her.


I have had something similar to this for the last few weeks, but it feels more like there is glue on my skin. It's just under my ankle on the inside of the foot, but when I touch it with my hand there's nothing there.

I thought it might be yet another weird lupie thing - seeing the rheumie next week so it's something else to add to my symptom diary.


Have had this sensation for years actually 20 years in my lower right leg. Whenever i'm in even a slight flare the sensation happens, and is stronger depending on how fatigued and unwell I am. From my right knee downwards through calf feels wet plus feels as if it is being twisted (wrung like you do a towel to force water out of it). Purpletop's reply makes sense to me


Thanks for the replies purpletops comments make sense. My rhuemys are still arguing over what I have. They say its a 'lupus like' arthritis plus I have graves disease too. I have just stopped plaquniel to prove I need it....which I do as the joint pain and fatigue and rashes have returned and im wondering if thats why this feeling in my leg is here too. Ill mention it at my next appointment. Glad im not alone but it really is annoying xxx


Hi lulu did you find out what the problem was as im having the same problem


Hi hun I mentioned it to the rhuemy and he said it was a neurological problem and was very dismissive. I'm currently 38weeks pregnant and not had that sensation during pregnancy. I'm under a different team too due to the pregnancy. Sorry I can't offer any more advice/help. Let me know if you get anywhere with our rhuemy xxx


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