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Leg pain

I have lupus and aps and have this terrible leg pain which happens now and again and more frequently when am having a flare.

It's a really strange pain feels like growing pains or like the cold is right in my bones. The only way to relieve it is to get my partner to rub my legs or just go to bed.

Does anyone else get this and know what it is?! It's like a really dull ache but really hurts. But no pain relief seems to help this pain.


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Hi Sarah A, I to suffer with this leg pain, have tried so many things to get some relief, as this very often keeps me up half of the night. I find I have to keepmy legs warm, and very often now its getting very cold l wear over the knee socks/tights under my jeans or trousers. I have recently purchased an Electic blanket, which I leave on the lower setting aall night, and this has worked extremely well so far. I have tried my own doctor, but he prescribed a strong pain relief cream, helps a little, but prefer the ele tric blanket, works well for me. I have tried strong pain tablets creams but they did not help. In the evenings I wear long thick fluffy socks pyjamas bottoms, and this helps too. Hope this helps you too. Lucymay


Hi I have had leg pain and (jelly legs ) for yrs every day at 2 I start tripping as I drag my toes due to the pain . Since being told theirs a strong possibility I have lupus I have been taking methatrexate the legs have got a lot better ,I had to stop the Metatrexate some was ago due to being in hospital with sepcis and the leg pain came back with avengence back on Meds legs getting better .now the cold weather is starting I've got ranods again so I will get slower at work Again ( I'm a carpenter working on site no escape from the cold ) hope your legs get better try to raze your legs higher than your hips that relives the pain for me



I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this pain. Don’t hesitate to visit your doctor to explore the causes and try to find some relief.

You might find our leaflet on the joints and muscles (which can be downloaded or requested on our website) useful.

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I get this too but unfortunately I can not sleep and end up on the blog. Tell your partner thank you for rubbing my legs I know that's a real treat!


I had pain for years in one leg and had nerve conduction tests that were normal. I finally got relief from dry needling through my physical therapist. A low dose of Gabapentin also helped on the worst nights.


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