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I was wandering if anyone knows anything about this symptom: the upper part of my fingers (I would say "tips" but it covers a bigger area than just the tips) has darkened, as if I dipped my hands in brown paint. I'm of fair skin colour and this thing is really prominent and makes my hands look dirty, which makes me even more self-conscious. I've tried using whitening creams without getting any results.


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  • Do they itch,,or burn?Could be the circulation?Do you suffer any Vasculitis problems?Chilblains affect the fingers and toes!!Hope you manage to sort this .x

  • Thanks Jinny

    There's no itch nomally, I do have arthritis though. However it seems to be a discolouration thing - I have fairytale fingers: twisted and darkened, like an old, wicked hag!

  • u CAN get skin discolouration but think it's generally more 2 do with secondary conditions like Mixed Connective Tissue etc. Have a look at the link below ;0)


  • Thanks!

    That link is quite depressive though...

  • I agree, that is a good link.

  • Lol! I know but remember, no one can predict EXACTLY how lupus will affect each of us, these r merely 'guidelines'. I've had lupus, APS, MCT etc 4 over 18 years but so far so good, no twisty fingers, old looking hands, but my fingers remain straight....so far!

  • Good for you!

    I often use my fingers to scare children away - they're a nice prop for Halloween!

  • I just use my excuse of having psychosis, I can get away with randomly going off on one lol ;0) It's nice that u can still have a joke about it, just keep hold of that humour, I dread 2 think where I'd b if I didn't have mine

  • Hi Jinny, I googled 'discoloured fingers' and found a (one of several) website that may be of some help <3 See: rightdiagnosis.com/sym/purp...

  • I know it's different, but my hands have aged considerably. I've only recently been diagnosed and even my children have noticed how much my hands have aged.

  • I have the 'old hand' syndrome, & I know quite a few 'lupoids' who do. Lovely tip 4 u, if u need them 2 look nice 4 a bit, raise u're hands above u're head 4 a bit. When u put them down again, look at them before 'The oldness' creeps back in, it'll give u a little reminder of what they USED 2 look like ;0)

  • I have a friend who has darkening of the hands, looks like she's been doing the gardening. Her doc said it was caused by the steroids that she is on.

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