funny sensation in tips of fingers

Has anyone experienced a pain in the tips of their fingers. For the past few days I've noticed that I get a sharp pain, as if I've caught myself on something sharp, when I'm picking things up or typing etc. I've had a terrible bad back for the last few months and its been particularly bad this week and I'm wondering if there's a connection. I've been in touch with my rheumy for an appointment but I was wondering if anyone else has had this. Its a new one on me, and something else to add to my a4 sheet of symptoms :)

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I'm not sure if it helps. But last August I started with pain in thumb and finger on left hand it started like I bit my nails down at first then they would throb and sharp pain s. I couldn't touch anything as its was as though I was being electrocuted. It got so bad went to A&E , my thumb had vessel splinters. It got so painful even heavy pain killers didn't help. My fingers and thumb went freezing cold and thumb went blue, couldn't bare the pain was rushed to vascular surgeon who said I had suspected blood clot as pulse on the ulna artery was very weak and hard to find. After being diagnosed with Hughes its been confirmed its was a blood clot. Just keep an eye on it and keep pestering the doctors till they listen. Hope that helps?

Andrea x


I hope you feel better soon x


Thanks Tonkawoman, I will keep an eye on it because it is concerning me. I know I have nerve damage in my one arm and I'm worried that this is another complication of that. It took me a few days to realise that I wasn't actually hurting myself on things, for instance, I thought I'd caught my fingers on something sharp in the washing up, but then it happened again, and again, and today, its happening when I was buttering bread, and peeling veg. My fingers get stiff, but this is completely different. Also, I have the coldness, but only in three of my fingers. xxxxxxxxxxx


I get this in the fingertips of my left hand-its like being pricked from inside with a thorn. also my left hand is always cold and I cannot do anything with my hands.tho I do have raynauds.and I wear gloves all the time when outside.


my list of symptoms gets longer every day.


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