Tingling and numb fingers

Hi, i was wondering if anybody has tips to help with tingling and numb fingers in the morning. The paon is quite bad and when i wake in the morning i cant use my hands as they have no feeling on the fingertips. This passes and then i have pain from my knuckles upwards. Im on arcoxia, colchine and pain relief amongst other meds. Id love to hear from you if you experience the same symptons. Back at my rhuemy in two weeks. Thanks ;)

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  • Have you ever been tested for Carpal Tunnel?? Does pain in hands/arms keep you awake at night?? It would be wise to rule this out, i had surgery on both my hands in 2012-still get Lupus pain, but hands are much better now. Also if it is Carpal it does not always mean surgery, you can have injections into the site.

  • I used to get this on a regular basis, now only occasionally. Mine was caused by nerves in the neck being trapped. I now have regular massage and physio gave me exercises to correct my posture. Always best to talk to consultant as you can see, we all have different reasons. Hope you get it dealt with as it's a horrible feeling xx

  • Hi lollalettuce. I get similar symptoms and find putting my arm from my elbow into warm water it helps with the numbness. I also massage my shoulder or hang my arms out of bed towards the floor to get the circulation back to my arm and hands. Hope you get some relief. x

  • Yes, I used to have this every night, I one hand at a time. Usually resolving quickly on shaking the hand. They've improved since my neurologist told me to up my vit D3 intake to 4000 units a day. Now I very rarely have this.

  • I have raynauds where my hands get cold and turn all colours.then my thumb and first 2 fingers went completely cold and tingly.dr said carpal tunnel syndrome and to go physio,physio gave me gloves to wear,woke up with it this morning .put glove on and it works wonders.see dr to arrange physio if CTS and get the gloves.

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