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Swollen fingers

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Just interested to know if other people have the same symptoms as me- I’ve had lupus and RA for 3 years now and ever since I’ve had severe swelling in all my fingers which has never gone away the skin is so swollen skin feels so tight - I e been on methotrexate for last three years which eases my flaire ups - I saw consultant yesterday and he is going to send me for an ultrasound of my hands to see what’s going on - I’ve had hand X-rays on them about 9 months ago which didn’t really show anything - sorry for long post x

23 Replies
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sometimes it’s difficult to decide what is the disease and what is the side effects of drugs. I hope you get some answers.

Don’t worry about the length of your posts

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svfarmer in reply to Oshgosh

Thankyou ❤️

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"Sausage fingers" can be a symptoms of certain sorts of inflammatory arthritis.

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svfarmer in reply to PMRpro

Oh thankyou guess that’s why he wants to ultrasound them - and yes they are like very fat sausages 😂

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I have the same with my fingers too. I also have Lupus and RA too. I’ve had ultrasound scans on my hands. It shows the swelling up really well and the cause with an ultrasound so hopefully this will help. I still have sausage fingers though. 😂 x

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svfarmer in reply to Summerrain14

Hate my sausage fingers -can’t wear any of my rings any more 😂 sorry to hear you have them too xx

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I only get sausage fingers when I use them a lot . Like when I play my guitar.

I think it is the condition it's been better since the drugs reasonably control lupus.

Let us know how ultrasound goes.

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svfarmer in reply to Biff240

Thankyou I will x

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You can have sausage fingers without danage to joints. I have MCTD and occasion fingers swell as well as Reynaulds. It's very common with MCTD,...

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Hi, i have sausage fingers too and US scans confirmed RA. The swelling has improved a lot since I've been taking anti inflams but I still get frequent episodes.

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Since my lupus and lupus nephritis diagnosis back in 2011 I experience swollen fingers. My right hand is permanently swollen and the skin feels so tight too...

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Diagnosed with overlap mixed connective tissue disease in august this year. June my hands and fingers began to swell and not stopped since! Mtx 20mg and now hydroxychloroquin and no change. Index and second finger worst with numbness too and much worse at night!! Can’t make a fist or fully straighten fingers and can’t put weight through hands. V v frustrating. I feel your pain 😬 good luck with it xx

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svfarmer in reply to Melarky

Thankyou x

Yes , although it is only one ( middle finger , left hand) that became hideously swollen and painful . . .in fact , could not bend at all. . .out straight. Skin overstretched . . .joints in hand also painful. Now , 7 or 8 months later , still swollen , but can bend a little bit .

Headaches , dizziness . Do any others with lupus have a run of a few days or more with serious headaches and really bad dizziness ? Is it a sort of flare ? Also brain fog.

Have been on hydrochloroquine for four or five years.

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Hello Svfarmer, I have SLE and get swollen thumb joints in particular, and I don't think your post is long at all! With best regards, Lily

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svfarmer in reply to Lily77

Thankyou Lilly x

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Hi. I have awful sausage fingers and can no longer wear any of my rings. They are worse at night and become red and huge. They can be painful too and my middle finger currently hurts so much that I'm unable to put any pressure on it.

You're not alone :)

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svfarmer in reply to Jasmine22

Hi jasmine yes mine go really red too , it’s good to know I’m not the only one with sausage fingers 😂

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Jasmine22 in reply to svfarmer

Oh, and I have one toe that's a sausage too. She's almost completely numb though! :)

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svfarmer in reply to Jasmine22

Oh no my toes are not affected yet 😂 x

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Svfarmer , so sorry you have the sausage stump. I have had sle with nephritis for over 35 years and do remember the odd sausage finger. Mine would last a year or so then one day just gone. Not a lot of pain just pain from swelling. I do get body parts that swell also like ankle and an ultrasound showed nothing. This is different from my old norm of swollen hand or feet that one might get having sle. My symptoms have changed since hitting menopause. Mainly sensitive skin and the odd hive now and yes of course if you overdo something, sore fingers. I’ve been on most sle pills and am neutropenic now but didn’t seem to make a difference on which med I was taking or if I was stable or not. Good luck and I hope you can wear gloves to work to help with hiding it. :)

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svfarmer in reply to Roanna

Thankyou so much for your reply x

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