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Cramps and locking fingers

I have been diagnosed for nearly 18 years now and have the kenalog injections every six months to keep my symptoms under some sort of control. I also have Raynauds and Scleroderma. For the last three or four years I have been getting severe cramp in my feet, yes it occurs when they get cold but from about September to June I also get it every night between 6 and 7pm even if feet still encased in warm boots etc. The pain can be so bad that I cry with it.

I've sldo for the last few years had times when both hands get either a trigger fingers effect on the index finger or a tightening of the muscle up the outside edge of my hand - so tight you can see the skin all pulled inwards. This has been annoying but not concerning. Recently I have found that the trigger finger effect is happening more and more, even simple things like stirring a saucepan while cooking dinner it is constantly locking and the muscle contraction is happening more too.

I was wondering if anyone else gets these effects. It can't be I'm due my steroids as I only had my injection in September. If anyone has any ideas would be glad to hear them. Thank you.

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Hello Helenfirebird,

Funny you should bring this up, as the last few weeks have seen the two outer edge fingers on one hand keep locking down all of a sudden, almost like a cramp/numbness but with no pain, but then quickly release. I did not associate this with the lupus and wondered if it was the beginning of Dupuytrens Contracture. I too have a mild raynauds and I think that for me the hands are the most susceptible and generally painful part of SLE. I also wonder if anyone else gets this sort of thing too.

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Hi Riverbird. When mine first started it was just occasionally and I put it down to getting older but have to admit I do get some pain with mine. I haven't heard of Dupuytrens Contracture so will do some investigation. Let's hope we find out whether it's one of those weird Lupus things or separate. Thanks for your help.


Hi Helen......I also get the horrible foot cramps,like you when my feet are cold.It often happens in bed and has even happened when I am in the bath.Like you said the pain is terrible..I find if I press my foot down or against something it sometimes helps or if i feel them starting to distort(the toes) try to catch it early.I was told calcium and vit D helps andd have noticed when i miss a few days as I do sometimees it gets worse.Hope this helps abit.I never imagined what the pain was like in the feet till this. xxx


Hi Snowdragon. Thank you for the suggestion I'll buy some next time I'm out and give that a try. As you say the pain is excruciating and you can feel it start so hopefully it might work for me too. Thank you again.


I have the same symptoms and I don't know the root cause.


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