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Burning/tingling fingers

I mentioned few days back that I had needle pricking sensation on my arms and legs. That sensation has now concentrated to my left hand and in particular the small and index fingers. Not only that but the tips of my fingers are sensitive to hot, I.e. they hurt if I touch hot mug, for example. It had been going on for few days now.

I'm not sure what this is but I'm getting really worried. I had an EMG few weeks back that showed some muscle weakness attributed to my neck, no evidence of peripheral neuropathy nor carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers don't get blue/white/red as in Reynauds.

Have you had anything similar, please?

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I get this too my lovely. My rheumy has never seemed overly bothered about it but then again I have CNS issues, Raynauds, Mixed Connective Tissue etc & it can be attributed 2 any 1 of those this so although I can't really help by suggesting what could b causing it, hopefully I can reassure u that u're not the only 1 ;0)

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Shouldn't I do something about it, like any tests or something, I hate not knowing what causes something in case it gets worse. How long do yours go on for, I've had mine for few days now.


Mine can last up 2 a couple of weeks at a time honey :0( I would obviously mention it 2 u're Doc & Rheumy as they may give u another diagnosis or an explanation (my Rheumy is a bit of an arse so I tend 2 get advice from other Consultants that I know, the perks of once working 4 the NHS is I have some knowledgeable friends!). I was diagnosed with all my crap 18 years ago, the only 'new' diagnosis I've had is 4 CNS involvement & psychosis so I couldn't even suggest what they could test 4 :0/


Ok, at least I know that it isn't unusual if it goes on for more than few days. Many thanks, Sher.


Hi Purpletop

I have this almost permanently in my toes, quite often in fingers. Don't get blue or white extremities, but this is how Reynauds shows up in me. Some improvement with 5mg Prednisolone.

Mention it to Rheumatologist but I don't think they will worry. Do they ever?



Hmm, interesting, I have agreed with the rheumatologist to take a short course of Prednisolone for the next 4 days, in case this is a precursor to a flare (my hair has suddenly started to fall out like crazy in the past 2 days, even the 3mm long hair that was just restarting to grow after 3 months of continuous falling).

Ive started the Prednisolone course yesterday lunchtime, and the pins and needles are now gone, the tip of fingers sensitivity is still present but not as pronounced.

So it might be what you also experience. Can you tell me what tests you had that showed Raynauds? Other than positive ANA, all my other antibodies' markers are negative.

Secondly, do you take the 5mg Prednisolone for it or choose not to? I have managed to wean myself off the steroids few weeks back, I would rather not get back on if I can.

Thank you for your help.


Regular (very gentle) chiropractic treatments seem to help keeping my various symptoms at bay, including tingling, nerve pain on skin, pricking sensations and feelings like 'running water' on the scalp, achy joints (everywhere (including hands and feet), neck pain, tinnitus (and more). I hope your GP or consultant will listen(!) and able to explain things - but perhaps they don't actually know enough?? If you haven't been seen by a neurologist (with an understanding of lupus), it may be the way forward. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2013! :)


Hi, am new here. My flare started about 10 days ago. Went to my gp today and asked for a blood and urine test to check the activity of my lupus. The gp asked ME and what blood tests do they (rheumathology) usually suggest to confirm the flare. I could not believe what I am hearing. Purpletop, how did you manage to get advice from a rheumathologist about taking prednisolon. I see mine only about once a year and it is impossible to make an appointment earlier, unless through my gp who knows nothing about lupus.


I'm sorry, Petrof, I've typed the answer and for some reason it didn't go through, so here it is again:

I am fortunate that I have private insurance, so availability for appointments is very good. Plus, my rheumatologist and I have previously discussed what to do in the even of a flare, so this was only a formality to some extent (once I described the symptoms, etc).

But this was a short cut, a one-off, if you will. If the symptoms do not improve in 2 days, I need to go see him anyway, ask to be referred to a neurologist, probably.



I was diagnosed with primary lupus, secondary Sjogrens and Reynauds over 15 years ago. Blood tests done very regularly and now mainly negative. So rye diagnosed as primary S. & R, secondary lupus!

Rheumatologist recommended Prednisolone that GP then put on repeat. Normally 5mg with 10 when necessary - fairly immediate response. I've just run out and so will probably go through withdrawal as I should reduce gradually, but want to come off if I can.

I see my rheumatologist every 6 months, and then GP follows it up. Can get an appointment to see rheumie nurse in between if necessary



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