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It's at the tip of my fingers

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i get aches/pains in my fingers/hands which changed constantly.but my fingertips are driving me mad.starts off very mild a.m and gets worse.they so sensitive to everything (typing,get washed/dried picking things up)at the very tips of my fingers are bright red this starts with pinky and next 1 not so bad middle finger then progressively gets worse the more i use them. very sensitive to heat feels and feels a bit like touching nettles on contact with things anybody else have/had this very curious thing. think maybe this mght be a question post sorry xforgot to say sometimes whole tops of fingers (tip to 1st joint) go bright red x

6 Replies
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I get very similar feelings, like being a positive and negative charge magnet. The tips of my fingers act as though the circulation has been cut off with pain and pins n needles type sensations. Bl**dy awful. I feel 4 u. J. XX

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yes it is and I've had it all day today unusual normally comes and goes.but mine feels more like blood getting pumped in more not cut off xx

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Sounds like Raynaud's &/or vasculitis, hope the rheumy can help. X

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ty roobarb have looked up vasculitis as I've got rash but it's totally different from vas rash will look up Raynaud's thing is there are so many conditions with very similar symptoms x

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There is a Raynaud's site on health unlocked too. You get get to it at the very top of this page where it says my communities.

Best wishes. X

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I had something similar and my Rheumatologist put me on Prednisolone, this stopped it immediately. I was also put on methotrexate which builds up over a much longer period of time than Prednisolone but they do get rid of that pain!!

Good luck


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