Blue fingers and lips!

I'm 21 years old, diagnosed with SLE almost 1 year ago. Was just wondering if anyone else got blue fingers / lips on a regular basis? I'm on hydroxychloroquine and prednisolone to treat lupus symptoms. Have mentioned blueness to consultant but nothing seems to be making it go away! Cold weather doesn't impact it, I can be inside at work and notice my hands have gone completely blue!

Any advice? Anyone else experience this?

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  • Hi there,

    I also get blue lips and fingers/hands. I noticed you said that the cold didn't affect this. The first thought I had was Raynaud's Phenomenon. A blue tinge to the lips usually means a low blood oxygen level, but it can also be caused by Raynaud's which causes the blood vessels to spasm and turn your hands, and sometimes lips, a blue colour. It's nothing serious and many people with lupus have it. It is, however, affected by the cold or extreme temperatures. Some people get it when the weather is hot. Sometimes it just happens regardless of the weather, but it can be treated. Speak to your GP about it. It's nothing to worry about but it's best to make your doctor aware.

    Hope this helped,


  • Hi Charlottelauren,

    I've found this in 'The Lupus Encyclopedia' (Thomas Jr., 2014):

    'The person who has Raynaud's Phenomenon may be so sensitive to cold that it can occur while she or he is shopping in the refrigerated section of the grocery store or is holding a cold drink. In some people, stressful events can also cause Raynaud's Phenomenon.'

    Maybe you could ask your consultant about this next time you see them? Keep us up to date.


  • Yes, I get the same....I have pointed it out to my husband, as it also appears irrespective of cold. My hand and feet sometimes go dark purplish red as this common?

  • Hi Musicteach,

    I've found this in 'The Lupus Encyclopedia' (Thomas Jr., 2014):

    '[Raynauds Phenomenon] causes the fingers and/or toes to become pale and/or dark purple with exposure to cold, which is sometimes followed by reddish coloration after rewarming.'

    I also referenced the same book above as these symptoms, for people with Raynaud's Phenomenon, can also be caused by 'stressful events'. It would be worth going to see you GP or consultant about this to get to the bottom of what might be causing this.


  • Went to my GP and he said I could possibly have something where the veins are constricted so blood cannot flow through properley. Was going to prescribe me something but then changed his mind as it can cause major dizziness. I am going to talk to my consultant about it when I see him next week!

  • Yes that's part of the disease it starts with a R. I was hold car keys and went blue but the numbness that comes with it are you having that problem too it has to just take its courseand I get the numbness in my toes hope I was helpful

  • Thanks for the does appear to resemble Raynaud's...I just never connected it, because it often happens when I am home and not exposed to cold..although my husband says my hands and feet feel cold! Will bring up with my GP. Grateful to Charlottelauren for introducing the subject. X

  • Could be Raynauds Syndrome which I have and there are creams you can use and meds you can take and there are gloves that really help too. I just ordered my second pair. They're called Prolotex and are really helpful I found. My hands are freezing and blue and white and red in the heat of the summer so don't be surprised.

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