Hello guys an update for u all.

As u all know I have been feeling pretty crap for a few months now (since June), after having a number of blood transfusions & 2 bone marrow tests done, I have been given a confirmed diagnosis.

I saw the consultant today (along with my hubby), who has confirmed that I have acute myeloid leukemia. I have to have another blood transfusion on Friday, then start a course of aggressive chemo in about 2 weeks, followed by a bone marrow transplant. I shall loose my hair (this I'm not bothered about).

They say that they've caught it at the start & treatment should start straight away. As u can imagine this has come as a shock, even though we were semi told 2 weeks ago.

Love Aly xxx

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  • Big hugs to you!! Best of luck with your treatment and I wish you all the best. Try and stay strong and you will get through this I'm sure.

    My thoughts are with you and best wishes xxx

  • Gosh this is quite some diagnosis. I will think of you often and hold you tight in my "thoughts"

    I feel you have the support of a loving hubby and together you will meet this challenge and overcome everything that comes your way. Take care xxx

  • Difficult times for you and Sending you Best Wishes for lots of strength for your treatment ahead xx

  • good luck and all the best for your recovery. you are starting treatment that will get you better soon. x

  • Very best wishes keep positive love and light coming your way x

  • I can imagine how devastated you must have felt at this diagnosis. My thoughts are with you and best wishes for your treatment. Hugs xx

  • Thank u for all your comments, they mean so much. I will try & keep u all posted throughout my

  • god bless you,good luck with all your treatments xx

  • Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Wishing you all the best for your treatment x

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