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Went for my bone marrow results today, & still none the wiser. Although the consultant said my bone marrow isn't working 100%, my platelets have risen so that's good. She has decided to start me on a course of b12 injections & folic acid, even though she said she wasn't sure if this was the course!!!!!

I'm still so tired, I sleep every day whether it's for an hour or two. Infact on Sunday I went to sleep @ 3 & woke on Monday morning @ 6.15. A whole 15 hour's!!!

Due to start back @ work in the next week on reduced hours (hopefully).

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hiya iamon b12 injection and folic acid what it does idnt know and i get iron ijections aswell


I was going Through the treatment you were going through. . A similar treatment was prescribed to me . This used to be really effective and I was Hyperactive for about 6-8 months , later it used to be back to square one. .This treatment was treatment was prescribed to me after a bone marrow test.


To alyj and to scotty:

Have you been diagnosed with a specific form of anemia?

These treatments (B12 & Folic Acid) (B12 & Folic Acid & Iron) are for different forms of anemia.

Source WebMD:

Anemia is a decrease in the amount of oxygen-carrying substance (hemoglobin) found in red blood cells. Anemia causes weakness, pale skin, and general tiredness (fatigue).

Anemia can be caused by blood loss or bleeding, an increase in the destruction of red blood cells, or a decrease in the production of red blood cells. Types of anemia include iron deficiency anemia, folic acid deficiency anemia, and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, among others. Each type of anemia is treated differently.

To alyj:

Your doctor is uncertain about the course of treatment chosen (which frequently happens) therefore you need to communicate any changes in your symptoms and report to your doctor promptly.

As stated above "each type of anemia is treated differently".

The CAUSE of your symptoms seems to be that your bone marrow is not functioning 100%. B12 and Folic Acid should encourage better performance of your bone marrow. This is what your doctor is hoping for with the chosen treatment.

Be well.

Carry on strong.


Hi Nouska

Thanks for your comment, the Haematologist thinks I have Secondary Myelodysplasia

? Caused by Azathoprine I was put on.

I am constantly tired, & get fed up of repeating how tired I am when people ask how I am.

Like I said the Haematologist said my bone marrow isnt functioning 100%, but my platelets have risen (they have been fluctuating). So decided to try a course of b12 & folic acid.

I have recently been getting some back ache, not sure if this is related.

Thanks again xxx


Ah ha.

Back ache could be associated. Best to consult with your doctor as if this is a new symptom they must know.

Keeping your platelet count up (ability to clot) is important. Without clotting ability patients with Secondary Myelodysplasia (likely caused by Azathoprine negative reaction) are at higher risk of bleeding issues.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your return to part time work??? Rest and recovery are dependent upon low stress. Your health is most important. Do not put yourself at risk.

When explaining yourself to others perhaps use this : 'Yes. I have extreme fatigue from poor blood production which I am being treated for. It will take time but I will get back to normal soon'. That might stop others from badgering you about it. It is a drag to have a slow recovery from any problem. People ask because they care ... though it does become bothersome.

Be well.


Me again!

My doctor has done me a 'fit to work' note on the understanding I go back only 3 hours a day & he's done it for only a month as he thinks I'll need another transfusion by then..

You're very knowledgeable, how long have u had Lupus & are u keeping well?



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