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Got a phone call this morning to say that the last lot of bloods I had done showed some abnormalities & that I needed another bone marrow test.

Got to the hospital & was told that it looks like I have leukaemia (mild), but the 2nd bone marrow will determine the severity. Treatment would b chemotherapy.

My response was ok let's get on & deal with it, get it sorted. I'm now sat at home drinking a bottle of wine & thinking f******g hell, bastard. Not in a negative way, but in a right come on let's start treatment.....

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What rotten luck! I hope your treatment goes well for you. You've certainly got the right attitude.

Take care x


Hello Alyj

This is not good news obviously, but from my experience it is unwise ( though completely understandable) -to second guess the future at this point.

Go with it, and see how things unfold.

Good luck.


Good Luck, Keep fighting back you have the right attitude to fight this. BigHugs for you,xxxxxxxxxx


been following your blogs,:-( sorry to hear this,good luck with ur treatments xx


You are in my thoughts and prayers - positive mental attitude will get you through this!

Lulabelle x


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